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Name: 徐暐亭
Department: 朝陽科技大學 / 休閒事業管理系 [elearning courses]
Research: Structural Engineering
Office: E401.1
Office Time: 1:30~3:30 (二)(三)

Wei-Ting Hsu

Professional Engineer

Associate Professor

Department of Construction Engineering

Department of Leisure Services Management


I had two main research areas, those are structural engineering and facilities management. My major research is on the behavior of Steel structures, such as the stability of symmetrical and unsymmetrical beam and column; analysis of strength in welded joints and bolt group. Using the computer analysis and numerical simulation of the theoretical value. Another research is the operations and construction management for the sports center and facilities.

1. 中興大學 / 土木工程學系 (Doctor, 2004-09 ~ 2009-06)
2. 中興大學 / 運動與健康管理研究所 (Master, 2012-09 ~ 2014-06)
3. 交通大學 / 土木工程學系 (Master)
4. 雲林科技大學 / 營建工程系 (University)
5. 台北工專 / 土木工程科 (Junior college(five years))
6. 崇光女中 (Junior high school)
7. 北市中山國小.中縣內新國小 (Primary school)
Work Experience
1. 朝陽科技大學 / 助理教授 (2009-08 ~ )
2. 南開科技大學 / 兼任講師 (2006-08 ~ 2008-01, Part-time)
3. 東南科技大學 / 兼任講師 (2003-02 ~ 2004-07, Part-time)
1. Dung M. Lue, Wei T. Hsu, Duane S. Ellifritt, "Design Aid for Moment Strength of Built-up Crane Runway Girders," Engineering Journal, AISC(SCI,EI), Jan, 2010.
2. Wei T. Hsu, Dung M. Lue and Bor T. Hsiao, "Numerical Approach for Torsion Properties of Built-up Runway Girders," TamKang Journal of Science and Engineering(EI), Jun, 2009.
3. 呂東苗、黃俊賢、徐暐亭, "C形冷軋鋼斷面翹曲常數之數值分析," 鋼結構會刊,中華民國鋼結構協會, Mar, 2007.
4. Ching-Hua Chiu, Wei-Ting Hsu, Ming-Hua Hsu, "A Numerical Estimation of Energy Expenditure for Wheelchair Users," Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering (EI), Jan, 2007.
International Paper
1. Dung M. Lue, Ching-Hau Lin, and Wei-Ting Hsu, "Numerical Evaluation of Bolted and Welded Connections," The 11th East-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction, Nov, 2008.
2. Dung M. Lue, Wei T. Hsu, and Bor H. Lee, "A More Generalized Approach for Analyzing Eccentrically Loaded Connections," The 8th Sino-Japan Conference for Building Structures, Beijing, Oct, 2008.
3. Dun M. Lue, Wei T. Hsu, and Ching H. Lin, "A more Generalized Approach for Analyzing Eccentrically Loaded Connections," The 5th International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures, Singapore, Dec, 2007.
4. Dung M. Lue , Duane S. Ellifritt, and Wei T. Hsu, "Design Guide and Aid for Moment of Built-up Crane Runway Girders," SSRC Proceedings (EI), Feb, 2006.
Domestic Paper
1. 徐暐亭、李柏樺、呂東苗, "螺栓接頭強度的合理化分析," 中華民國第九屆結構工程研討會, Aug, 2008.
2. J. H. LIN and W. T. HSU, "Nonstationary analysis of bridge responses to a moving vehicle load," 中華民國第七屆結構工程研討會, Jan, 2004.