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: Vivi: I have added you to my blog and also sent you a mail. But your mail quota have been over. Please check. Su
09-28 14:21
: Dear teachers:

Expecting our 4th meeting on the coming Wednesday!! See you...
09-21 20:22
李宜玲: Betty : 我是休閒系的宜玲老師, 0606(三)你通知我們的開會時間我12:20到D215沒見到人, 如果時間或地點有改請通知我, 謝謝! (04)23323000-4716
06-06 12:43
翁秋燕: 親愛的同學們,如果尚未提問完期中報告問題者,要繼續完成者,請各位點選右下角文件分類的 Midterm 然後依照同學上傳的報告點進去詢問,回答者直接回答即可! 謝謝各位,如果還是不清楚請撥打以下專線 0980-165436 學姊專線服務
05-10 22:40
蔡旻翰: I don't know how to discuss here without orderly list.
04-24 10:45
: Hi, my dear students, thank you so much for your efforts uploading your assignments here and all your endeavour in discussion. I'll be absent for 2 weeks. When I come back, I'll join you.

best luck,
04-23 11:37
翁秋燕: 各位同學:我是Betty,我已經把文件區分類,所以請按照我分類的標題上傳你們的Chapter report、Midterm 及Case study,同學的Q&A直接在各篇發問即可。
04-20 14:29
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錢偉鈞: 我是應化系錢偉鈞, 申請加入社群...1997056
04-16 22:47
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: 偉鈞老師, warm welcome! I have invited you to our group. Every teacher members are welcomed to bring up some issues(topics) to discuss here. Please feel free to do so. Looking forward to our next meeting.
04-17 11:15

錢偉鈞: Thank you for your kind invitation. Let's warm up our teaching through this platform.
04-17 14:15

徐碧霙: Great meeting today! Thank you!
04-06 16:51
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: 版主將版面換了!雖是套用學校的版面,但蠻喜歡那,每次夏之將至就會開滿校園的黃色的花(Who knows what the flower name is ?),還有那黑白靜景,seems nostalgia. I like it. Sorry, Betty. 你選的版面旁邊有人名字樣,不太好。But still thank you for your efforts.
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翁秋燕: No worries.
04-13 13:11