ICDHS 2016 Taipei
國立台灣科技大學設計系將於10月26-28日舉辦 ICDHS 2016 Taipei 研討會,會議地點為國立台灣科技大國際大樓,特請中華民國設計學會代為轉知,誠邀會員踴躍參加,詳細資訊請參見附件內容。

The 10th International Conference on Design History and Design Studies

Making Trans/national Contemporary Design History

25 October, 2016, Welcome Party

AIC, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

26-28 October, 2016

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Roundtables / Panels / Papers / Posters

The ICDHS 2016 Taipei welcomes you to share this historical moment and think critically about design in the global context. Taipei is the ‘World Design Capital of 2016. This fast moving, culturally complex city is an ideal place for debating and making a trans/national contemporary design history – an aim that has been part of the ICDHS’s goal of inclusive and far-reaching design history and design studies. In producing innovative design while leading the postcolonial debate on transnational identities and practicing democratic activism, Taiwan and its geo-cultural location offers a compelling conference platform.

The following eight strands of ICDHS 2016 Taipei cover a wide range of themes including local level issues specific to East Asia and inter-Asian connections. Furthermore, topics that have been developed and the undiscovered, newly emerging ideas in the field of design history and design studies will also be considered for inclusion. The overarching aim of this conference is to explore different possibilities of engagement that advance ‘global’, ‘world’ and ‘transnational’ design histories and studies. The eight strands are:

1. Inter-Asia and design historical issues in Asia

2. Trans/national design theory and identity

3. Science, technology and sustainability

4. Craft, material culture and cultural industry

5. Design policies, pedagogies and creative economy

6. Contemporary design practice

7. Activism, democracy and design interventions

8. Open strand 
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