Education Supported by Work Life

There are numerous students out there who work to support their education. This is a new phenomenon taking place. The expense of education has reached an alarmingly high point owing to which students have to take up small jobs to support their education. It would not be wrong to state here that work experience is considered to be a good approach to get an analysis about the working and decide on the appropriate future careers or study options, along with developing the skills and employability.

Education does not teach the practicalities of life. It just provides the knowledge that is present in the book to complete the tests, and homework given by the academic institutions. Some students try to dodge the gaining of knowledge by asking their friends “write my essay for me” rather than focusing in class and doing their work on their own. These are the students that suffer severely, once they enter the practical working life.

The working life is vastly different from academic life. The individual is on his own with no one to look after him or for him to depend on. Apart from experiencing the basics of working life the individual also gets to develop his entrepreneurial skills that are not possible to develop in academic life. When a student works various small jobs, he gets an idea of the kind of career he would want for himself. It would not be wrong to state here that working during academic life can be considered as an eye-opener for many students. They can also make use of the idea of opting for those jobs that are related to their career choice, to get a better understanding of the field before stepping into it practically. Education can lead the path to making right career choices.