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Group 1


Advantage: We can do plenty of exercises in this website. Also, we can print in out to do exercises. It contains different levels, so you can choose what you want to practice. This website will update, so we don’t worry about every exercise we have done.

Shortage: I think the homepage that contains too many keywords; it let me puzzle at the fist time. This website doesn’t have enough vivid pictures to attract learners.


Group 2

Activities for ESL Students

Advantage: We can practice English step by step. This website sorts out clearly for different levels and different skills that we can use easily. It also contains bilingual quizzes. I feel fun.

Shortage: I think that homepage is too clear. It won’t attract the beginners. The beginners will feel boring.


Group 3

Learning English Online

Advantage: This website is suitable for children to learn English online. The homepage is colorful. We can get more attention in this website. Also, it contains some part of pronunciation to learn how to pronounce.

Shortage: For the advance learners, contents and tests are too easy for them. So this website would be boring for the advance learners.


Group 4

English Grammar Online

Advantage: This website has lots of articles that we can read. For example, it has contents of countries, animals, or literature. When we finished reading the contents then do some exercise, we have three ways to check answers. It is very special.

Shortage: I think the contents that are too long for us to read. Then I will get to have blurred vision.


Group 5

BBC KS2 Bitesize

Advantage: Because of this colorful website, I would be attracted by it. This website use well arrangement of visual aids, too. Not only English we can learn but also Math and Science we can learn in this website. On the other hand, almost exercises are very interesting.

Shortage: However, the English contents from this website are not enough. We can’t get more information in English. When we want to check answers, this website didn’t give us right answers. So we have to do, then to do until we get right answers.


Group 6

Story Archives

Advantage: This website offers us many difficult articles for learners to read. After we finished reading, we can do some exercises that we understand what the contents say. From this website, we can improve our English reading skills.

Shortage: Some articles are too difficult and long to read for learners. This website is not suitable for beginners or children.



Advantage: We can upload or share our information on our own page. Also, we can create our ideas to do in this website. On the other hand, we can get some information from other people. It is easy for us to use.

Shortage: I think this website is boring and isn’t vivid to use. This website doesn’t have many functions to use for us. I think it's not privacy for me because it doesn’t encryption.


Zimmer Twins

Advantage: I think it’s a good website. We can design our own movies to develop our imagination and creation. Everyone can be a director. We can use different actions, emotional expressions and scenes to create different movies.

Shortage: I think actions, emotional expressions and scenes are not enough. We can’t design what we want. It also doesn’t have enough space to design more and more.



Advantage: We can buy what we want in this website. The most important of all, we can improve our English reading skills when we browse the website. We can use exact keywords to find what we want to buy or link left side keywords to find.

Shortage: I think this website is just a little difficult for beginners. It may take much time to search direct things. It’s a complicated website to use for learners.



Advantage: This website is useful for students. We can upload our homework or reports in this website. On the other hand, we can write our mood diary, share pictures and create our own space.

Shortage: This website just has only 80MB capacity. I think it is not enough for us to use. If I want to upload my film exceeding 10MB, I will be limited to upload. Sometimes, the background doesn’t work, and then we should change again and again.


My favorite website:

1st :  Zimmer Twins

2nd :  LMS

3rd :  BBC KS2 Bitesize

Because of interesting content and special posts, I prefer your site to other regular sites, and I also ask you to visit our site. Thank you