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Name: 黃怡碩
Department: 朝陽科技大學 / 營建工程系 [elearning courses]
Research: Photogrammetry, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, GPR Image Analysis, Thermal Infrared Image Processing
Office: E 744
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Exploring the ground truth with remote sensing techniques to have a safe environment for people living.
Work Experience
1. CYUT / Associate Professor (2017-08 ~ )
2. CYUT / Assistant Professor (2001-02 ~ 2017-07)
3. CYU / Assistant Professor (1997-10 ~ 2001-01)
4. NTU / Post Doctor Study (1996-10 ~ 1997-10)
5. University of Florida / Research Assistant (1992-08 ~ 1996-04, Part-time)
6. Sino Tech Inc. / Engineer (1991-03 ~ 1992-08)
7. New Taiwan Fundation Engineering Corp / Field Engineer (1989-01 ~ 1989-08)
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1. 校慶教職員網球雙打金牌 (2011-05 ~ 2011-05)
2. 優良教師 (2010-09 ~ 2011-06)
3. 2009年混凝土工程研討會優秀論文獎 (2009-12 ~ 2009-12)