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Name: 陳聰賢
Department: 朝陽科技大學 / 保險金融管理系 [elearning courses]
Research: 保險學;人壽保險;人身保險理賠實務;財務管理;投資學
Office: E-741
Office Time: 星期三(08:30~10:15)星期五(10:25~12:10)
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2. Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Tsangyao Chang,Tsung-Hsien Chen,Han-Wen Tzeng, "Revisiting purchasing power parity in Eastern European countries: quantile unit root tests," Empirical Economics, Jan, 2016.
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9. 陳建勝、陳聰賢、陳美菁、劉儀美, "「我國壽險產業結構對經營策略與獲利能力影響之研究」," 朝陽商管評論, 2008.
Domestic Paper
1. 陳聰賢,曾漢文, "Revisiting Purchasing Power Parity in Association of Southeast Asian Nations: Quantile Unit Root Test," 2016保險金融管理學術暨產學合作研討會, May, 2016.
Book and Report
1. 陳建勝、陳聰賢,徐壁君,張婉玲,楊和利, "保險學," , Jun, 2002.
1. 101學年度院級優良導師 (2013-09 ~ 2013-09)
2. 97學年度管理學院教學優良教師 (2010-01 ~ 2010-01)