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The purpose of this article written by the best writing service is to analyze a viability of constructing a high-speed rail line between San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area. The feasibility of the project is justified by transport, economic and environmental advantages that it is likely to bring. The memo is grounded on the information and recommendations for implementing high-speed rail policies from the Report of Lincoln Institute entitled High-speed Rail: International Lessons for US Policy Makers. If the project is well-reasoned and implemented through strategic planning of stations location and stable funding, the high-speed rail route connecting San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area will be a profitable contribution to the complex development of the Californian region.

The feasibility of high-speed rail line in the area is embodied in transportation, economic and environmental advances. In comparison to other modes of long-distant transport, the high-speed rail will produce the reduction of travel times, enhance security, and offer reliable service without delays. Having a large carrying capacity of passengers, high-speed rail will reduce congestion on Californian highways. In addition, high-speed rail network will occupy less land than highways. As for the economic merits, the project will bring workers and employers closer. As a result, this factor will boost productivity by creating better access to labor markets and attracting higher number of tourists to destination places. Furthermore, building high-speed rail will provide a large quantity of jobs related to the railway industry. Additionally, the introduced strategic initiative will cause urban revitalization and development of location near railway stations. In terms of the environmental issues, bullet trains are more environment-friendly in comparison to other forms of long-distance transport. They use less fuel because these trains are powered by electricity. Naturally, the energy efficiency depends on the source of generation of the electricity; thus, the option is more effective than using motor fuel.

As San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area are large commercial centers with a large population and congestion of transport, building of high-speed rail corridors is justified in this region. The new transportation network will closely connect the main metropolitan centers and create the spatial agglomeration among such most important states centers as Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego, to name a few. The mentioned metropolises will gain multiple benefits as indicated earlier. These cities perfectly meet the investment requirements for building the high-speed rail as they have high population density, congestion of other means of travel, developed labor market, along with the strong economic growth and transit connection.

In order to fulfill the potential of developing the high-speed rail between San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area, appropriate funds should be supplied. As Lincoln Institutes report shows, the sustainable federal investment plays a crucial role in providing permanent footing for investments of other types. The authors of the report mention the experience when deliberate reductions in federal investment in 2011 led to the negative effect for the high-speed rail construction works. The importance of federal financing is in enhancing the public confidence and providing the secure basis for development of state and private investments. One more strategy to make the implementation of high-speed rail services successful is to plan the efficient utilizing of territory around the location of a railway station. Compact connection with other means of transport helps much in realizing the potential of urban regeneration by high-speed rail services.

To summarize, the Californian region can gain many advantages by building high-speed rail between San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area. The appropriate funding on federal, state and private level will help to complete the construction successfully. Relevant federal policies and financing will attract state and private investments. Pertinent planning and developing the infrastructure around high-speed railway stations will not only improve performance of the line but also enhance the economic growth of the cities. Considering these options will ensure successful building and profitable performance of the high-speed rail within the Californian state.

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