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Yes & No, It is much like some other task, You may be a DJ however not earn good money equal as like a Engineer and a Doc, If you're top at what you do you’ll simply get excellent money, You can earn from INR500 To INR 5000000 in line with gig and even double that,

It totally depends on how good you're, People are making a living by using simply reacting to the motion pictures on Youtube and incomes million greenbacks, They do nothing, It’s not even a ability, So comparing to that I can say there may be scope for everything!

If you're planning to try this complete time you want a plan, Just a DJ is just like the tip of the iceberg, You aren't gonna be successful that manner, You want to remember the fact that a man performing on stage is just like a Ferrari at car expo, You simply see the effects, You don’t recognize how many blueprints were disapproved, how much money changed into lost. How many months or years were spend and many others and many others. Do see: Dj jobs in india

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