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96年度 Action Group 教學行動研究社群
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Recently the school is promoting e-Portfolio.
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身兼祕書室英文總編, 常有其他單位同仁email詢問相關業務名詞之英文翻譯,
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非常新鮮的經驗! 年輕活潑的主持人在預錄前和我聊了很多, 正當我暖身結束後, 正準備侃侃而談之際... 主持人竟說: 正式錄音! 不愧是經驗豐富的廣播老手! (以下是廣播側錄帶內容)
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These English-major students were asked to deliver an impromptu speech in 行政大樓6F. They were very nervous, but their performances were IMPRESSIVE!
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Seminar--Individual Presentation: These graduate students are diligent in their thesis writing. The following is what they are doing for the Seminar Presentation:   A.   Prepare a 10-minute presentation of a research article for the class. Each presentation will be followed 5 minutes of discussion with the instructor and your classmates.
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 Instructor and Peer Evaluation of Oral Skills in English Speech Class
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Sadia, Crytal, and Vivian were AWESOME this morning.
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