Video Reporting (AFL2B --Spring 2011)--徐郁雯  
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Spoken Learning Log—Video Reporting (10 %):

A.    Interview two people about how they use the facilities on campus. One person must be English major student. The other person can be non-English major student (or staff/faculty).

B.   Videotape the interview. Keep it short (2 minutes & 30 seconds), but make sure you get some interesting statements.

C.   The goal is to let an audience hear other people describe how they use the facilities at school. That will only be interesting if your interviewees say something specific, not general. You will be graded on this aspect of your interviewing skill.

D.   For each person interviewed: Get first name and last name, and how to SPELL them; age; major or occupation.

E.    Please submit your recording entry on line by April 11, 2011 for peers’/instructor’s comments and feedback.

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