Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- 俊諺 Presentation I (04-22-2013)
by 徐碧霙 2013-04-24 22:46:48, Reply(21), Views(1873)

TO 思竹

Q : Are the questions used in the pretest and posttest the same?

No, the pretest and posttest item is different.


TO Apple

Q : What is the correlation between your future thesis and this study?

The correlation item of this study is the way of improving student’s listening skills.


TO 斐喻

Q : Are you use the same questionnaire in your research?

Sorry, this study didn’t use the questionnaires for it’s instrument.


TO Adam

Q : What is your reflections about this paper?

My reflection is that this study provide an effective way to improve learner’s listening ability, also the country is special case that I haven’t read before.


TO Cathy

Q : In your opinion, is there any weakness in this kind of instruction?

The weakness including two point : i) only females join in this study

ii) The resource that participants used should be the same.

 Thanks for all viewers suggestions and comments

 all the comments you write would be my improvement 

direction in fulture.