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由雲林科技大學營建系林芫岑同學擔任導演及製片,一手主導影片拍攝及編輯,影片紀錄六位來自四所國內不同大學,在豐譽營造BIM中心實習的點點滴滴,實習生包括:雲林科技大學營建系林芫岑及劉姿廷;逢甲大學土木系徐偉紘及黃子綺;中華大學建築系鄭學泓及中興大學土木系江泰頴,影片中介紹實習環境及每周報告,還有教育訓練課程內容及生活點滴... ,參加拍攝者包括豐譽營造BIM中心同仁:黃隆茂、呂堉臻、陳東昀、顏琇芸及許心瑜!
Chopper Lin, a student from the Department of Construction, Yunlin University of Science and Technology, served as the director and producer. She led the filming and editing of the film. The film shows the story about six interns from four different universities in Taiwan. They are interns in BIM Center of Fengyu Construction Co. The interns include: Chopper Lin and Linda Liu, Department of Construction, University of Yunlin University of Science and Technology; Vic Xu  and Rubi Huang, Department of Civil Engineering, Feng Chia University; Didi Zheng, Department of Architecture, Chung Hwa University, and Duey Jiang, Department of Civil Engineering, Chung Hsing University. A record of internship... Participants included colleagues of BIM Center in Fengyu Construction Co.: Danny Huang, Yves Lu, Tiffany Chen, Shouying Yen  and Karen Xu!

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