Thesis Abstract 歷屆指導研究生之論文摘要--楊依璇2018年1月23日
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The Impact of Music Educational Therapy for Developing Young Children with Developmental Delay on Positive Emotions and Language Communication SkillsA Case Study

研究生楊依璇(Yi-Hsuan Yang



一、    藉由團體音樂育療課程有助於提升發展遲緩幼兒的正向情緒以及語言溝通能力。

二、    音樂育療課程適合於早期療育機構中實行。



The present study aimed to enhance the positive emotion and language communication skills of children with developmental delay by mainly promoting music learning activities in Music Educational Therapy. The ultimate purpose of the research is to analyze (1) the possible influences that Music Educational Therapy would have on the developmental delayed children in the aspect of their positive emotional behaviors. (2) The procese of exploring the relationship between language communication skills and Music Educational Therapy on developmental delayed children. (3) The effectiveness of intergrating the group music educational therapy into the early intervention institute. The research mostly engaged in qualitative and quantitative method, of which, the observers, therapists and teachers carry out semi-structured interview to record footages sources of the Music Educational Therapy. In addition, the sampled data of the research were collected and verified by consolidated crosscutting observation as well as the interpretation of quantitative analysis to arrive at the mutual outcome of the research. Two of the developmental delayed children from the early treatment insititions in Taichung City were deliberately monitored to be the subject of this research.

In conclusion, Music Educational Therapy curriculum was confirmed to be positively correlated to emotions and ability of language communications for children with developmental delay. Last but not least, the learning interest of children could also be enhanced by the Music Educational Therapy curriculum designed activities is summarized as below:

1.     The development of the children with positive emotions and language communication skills improved through the conduction of Music Educational Therapy.

2.     Music Educational Therapy is an unconditionally applicable practice for children at the early treatment insitiutions.


Keyword: children with developmental delay, music educational therapy, positive emotions, language communication skills