Thesis Abstract 歷屆指導研究生之論文摘要--梁瑋如2017年7月27日
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A Preliminary Study of Holistic Music Educational Approach for Young Children on Fetal Growth Reactions


Fetuses at around 28 weeks have been shown to recognize voices and have short-term memory and their reactions to noise and sound stimulation can be measured by fetal heart rate (FHR) monitor. As music is an art form whose medium is sound, it serves as a direct channel for mothers to form emotional bond with unborn babies. Holistic Music Educational Approach for Young Children (HMEAYC) is a method that integrates all developmental aspects. It uses music education as a medium to facilitate the comprehensive development of young children in multilevel and multidimensional aspects. Moreover, the method promotes the idea that music is part of human nature, and parents are primary and principal music educators for their children. Therefore, the purpose of this study is stated as follows: 1. to record fetal movements throughout the process of implementing HMEAYC; 2. to learn about the relation between HMEAYC and fetuses’ reaction. This research was a case study that used purposive sampling for examining the researcher herself as the object of study when her pregnancy reached the 30th week. Having ensured the health of the researcher and her fetus, the research had practiced a total of 16 times of HMEAYC to observe the fetal behavioral response. All the collected data is divided into qualitative and quantitative one, of which the former contains the basic information of the object of study, the observation record, and interviews; while the later contains the Likert scale and graphs of fetus behavioral response recorded by using a Doppler fetal monitor. After analyzing the cross-sectional data above, this research gave a conclusion as follows:1. HMEAYC is suitable for prenatal education; 2.     Music stories and music appreciation activities of HMEAYC can better elicit responses from the fetus.



Keywords: Holistic Music Educational Approach for Young Children (HMEAYC), Fetus, Fetal Movement, Prenatal Education