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April 21--記憶力不好? 請找AFL 2B渝蒨--買記憶吐司!!!
by 徐碧霙 2009-04-21 00:40:19, Reply(0), Views(674)

I asked my dear students to design an Ad to promote a product at the midterm oral presentation.

This smart girl-- 渝蒨scheduled a meeting with me before the presentation.

She said she wanted to sell something UNIQUE.

We discussed and she came up with this OUTSTANDING idea.

She was selling TOAST!


The toast can improve our memory! Amazing!

Look at her dress!

She got magic power...

Look at her PPT!

Wonderful visual aids...

Look at the video in the PPT!

The "Actress"--Emily got MAGIC POWER, too!

What a CREATIVE idea!


The class enjoyed her presentation... a lot...