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April 17--Proud of You! My Dear Students in News English!
by 徐碧霙 2009-04-17 00:39:09, Reply(0), Views(545)

News Snapshot—The good, the bad, and the ugly


Today students were asked to:

1.     Go through newspapers (websites, broadcasting news reports, etc.) and choose two pictures: one is beautiful/good and the other one is ugly/bad.

2.      Read the stories that accompany the pictures.

3.      During the 2- minute presentation, you will explain why you choose the pictures, talk about the stories, explain how these two stories/pictures relate to each other, and share your reactions (you should decide whether you are pleased, surprised, excited, amused, disappointed, or whatever by the stories).

4.      The grade for this assignment is based on the visual aids/power point, content of the news story, pronunciation, and presentation skill.



Some of them did a fantastic job!


For example, 婉婷 chose a great topic. She introduced the old First Square at Taichung. I appreciate she showed us a variety of old photos.

Second professional speaker is 香華. She prepared good stories. Her voice quality is great! At the presentation, she showed much confidence. I DID enjoy her presentation. One more speaker who got potential is

喻評, her pronunciation is clear and accurate. The content is well-organized.



羿妏 showed great confidence and content.

宜妤 delivered a fluent speech.
玟君's creativity impressed me  and the class.

雯萱 improved a lot. Happy for her.

芝廷 showed great style on stage.

Annie showed great voice quality.


The rest of the presenters were just too nervous. However, I believe that they will improve a lot at their next presentation.