Thesis Writing & Publishing I-- Seminar--Sabina's Presentation (1-12-2011)
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The explanations are good.


Speaking fluently

Showing the definitions for each term is excellent.


Speaking a little bit fast


In slide 12, what are the items of version A and B?

For Sabina


1.     Good voice. Good suit. Good mom(Your baby is beautiful ).

2.     Explain “weighted” and “unweighted.” 


1.     Quite not so sure about how to explain “a collection of disparate abilites/ skills”

2.     Ppt slide: The frames of the slide 10 are not the symmetrical( It only happened in the classroom, not from the computer.) The order of the slide 11 is not set well.

3.     Typing errors: In slide 29, the first reflection is not a sentence. The second sentence “showed” should be corrected to “show.” In slide 19, “pretest” should be corrected to “Pretest.”


   In your reflection, t-tests are enough to demonstrate the difference between group 1 and group 2. What other statistical methods could be included?


1.      You are a HOT Mom!!!

2.      On slide 12, the picture is good on there, because it make me think of my COMING London trip. Hehe…..


Too nervous!


On slide 15, why the researcher use “weighted and unweighted” to calculate?

The PPT was great, and you spoke with such confidence that I seriously could not tell that you were nervous like you said you were! Great voice!

You said "University in Japanese"...? Also a little mistake on the handout as I already mentioned to you in class~

Do you mind checking what "disparate abilities" really mean?? 
For Sabina!!!!!
Strength:  1. Good pronunciation  2. Show us the confidence
Weakness:  Too nervous
Question: If you are the researcher, how to show clearly
the comparison between gorup1 and group2?
Sabina~ brave Mom!!! 
clear voice
clear explanation
Animated pictures in ppt are cool!! 
You baby is so cute!!!!
In slide 11, right top picture is vague, I cannot tell that is the Japanese school...!
In slide 12, "Edinburgh Project...." were covered by the background color!
Sometimes, you may speak too fast, like slide 23, the research question you speak too fast so that I can not figure out the problem! 
It seems weird that the argricultural studies freshmen to be the participants in this study, do you know why the researcher choose this department for study?




Very clear speech, detailed presenting the article, and very cute son pictures.


At the beginning presentation, the speaking speed was a little bit faster.


Were there any differences between test version A and version B?


Eyes contact

Explain the topic clearly


The speed is a little bit fast


Why there is no significant between the PPT pretest & PPT posttest?




- Clear speaking and procedure

- good ppt with hyperlink

- spoke with confidence



- Maybe slow down a bit when elaborating.



- Do you think it is adequate for the researcher to use the same test in both placement test and posttest?




Speak clearly

Loud enough


Use gesture


In slide 2, “citation” need to “靠左對齊

A little bit nervous

More eye contact to the classmates will be better


In your opinion, do you think the intensive reading can also improve writing skill? And because I don’t know it, so could you explain what is “morphosyntax” in slide 25?

Comments for Sabina


1.          good dress code

2.          clear PPT

3.          main eye contact


1.          body language


1.          In slide 11, the form of right hand side, for the total of 15 students, 11 students have been listening the songs and 1 student has been speaking with the overseas songs, for this, the number is not equal the number of 15?




Very clear presentation.

I like your intonation and pronunciation.


Very confidence.


I can’t find your weakness>_<


In slide 6, I still don’t understand about a collection of disparate abilities/skills, could you explain more?

1. well ppt designed
2. speaking very fluently
3. very confident
speaking a little bit fast
Could you explain the slide 6 what the collection of disparate abilities/skills is ?

Dear my classmates,

Thanks for your comments about my presentation. I will keep learning to improve my weakness and studying hard to learn more how to write a good essay. The questions which you proposed, the answers are in the following.


To Abi,

In this study, it did not mention the items of version A and B.


To Eleanor,

In my opinion, ANOVA is appropriate to verify the difference between group 1 and group 2.


To Mindy,

In this study, when prescribed points were given for a correct answer was “weighted” and when all correct answers were scored one was “unweighted.” In fact, the researcher did not mention why she used “weighted and unweighted” to analyze the reliability. However, I think the researcher might want to verify stronger reliability in this study.


To Alison,

“Disparate abilities” means different abilities, such as writing, listening, speaking, or other related English skills.


To Peter,

If I was the researcher in this study, I would hope two classes in this study. One would be experimental group and another would be control group. For materials, I would like to find other different tests for the control group in order to verify the difference between two groups. Then, use t-test, ANOVA or other statistical analysis to explore whether there was a significant difference or not.  


To Catherine,

The researcher did not mention why she chose the agricultural studies freshmen to be the participants.


To Trista,

I have tried to find the difference between version A and B on website, but it was so hard to find some information about it. This study mentioned the website ( http://www. ials. ed. ac. uk/ postgraduate/ research/ EPER.html.), maybe you can check it from this.

To Livia,

In this study, t-test was employed, and the result “from SPSS” showed there was no significant difference between the pre- and post-tests in PPT.  


To Clement,

Placement/ progress test can be used at the start of a program to identify students’ starting levels and during the program to measure progress. I think it is adequate to use the same test (, but different versions) in both pre- and post-tests.


To Emily,

First of all, it should be “extensive reading”, not “intensive reading”. I think it can improve writing skill because the more you read, the better you get at it.  By the way, “morphosyntax” means 詞句法. In linguistics, morphology is the identification, analysis and description of the structure of morphemes and other units of meaning in a language like words, affixes, and parts of speech and intonation/stress, implied context (words in a lexicon are the subject matter of lexicology).


To Allen,

I have found this problem in this study, and it indicated that some students reported a number of voluntary activities (in some cases as many as three) through which they obtained English input. I think it means that “A students listened to the English songs and read English newspaper.” But, read English newspaper was included the activities in reading or studying English, A students should be excluded in this study.  


To Alice,

It means extensive reading can enhance other English skills, such as writing, listening, or speaking.  


To Eunice,

It means different English skills, such as writing, listening, speaking, or others.