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Why should I create an e-Portfolio?
by 徐碧霙 2009-04-08 20:50:47, Reply(0), Views(521)

Recently the school is promoting e-Portfolio.

Many teachers and students are striving for creating "IMPRESSIVE" blogs before the deadline.

Some of them are going for "BIG BUCKS", some are just trying to attract people's attention...

You might be wondering why you should create an e-Portfolio.

E-Portfolio is a place where you show what you know.

Your ePortfolio is a purposeful collection of work created during the school life. This ePortfolio will provide you an opportunity to reflect on your learning and highlight the achievements at CYUT.

E-Portfolio is becoming increasingly common in applications for graduate school and for certain kinds of professional employment.

What are you waiting for?

Go develop your UNIQUE e-Portfolio!!!