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March 5--接受中廣新聞網採訪--「新生活主義」創意英文教學
by 徐碧霙 2009-04-03 20:14:45, Reply(7), Views(965)

非常新鮮的經驗! 年輕活潑的主持人在預錄前和我聊了很多, 正當我暖身結束後, 正準備侃侃而談之際... 主持人竟說: 正式錄音! 不愧是經驗豐富的廣播老手! (以下是廣播側錄帶內容)

2009.3.5  中廣新聞 AM 720

Time: 00:00~01:00新生活主義」


中廣新聞網「新生活主義」創意英文教學 Part1



中廣新聞網「新生活主義」創意英文教學 Part2



wow, its really cool i can hear teacher teresa's voice from here! :P hehe


You bet!

Oh my god, teacher. It is amazing. Is that you? Am I dreaming? That is your voice.   ^ o ^



My dear student,

Yes, it is me.

Terrible voice, right?!


Dear Teresa~

You are the best !!!

You are the most clear mirror for my further teaching. 



Hi dear Teresa

How are you?I miss you so much.

How amazing that  I here your voice from the radio.

After I heard your voice, I have one thing I really want to do is "join" your class again in the future.

Waitting for me~~~


My dear student,

So happy to hear from you!

I miss you, too.

Miss your sweet smile...

Miss your great learning attitude...


You are a "PLEASURE" to teach!!!