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學生的夢靨--Impromptu Speech
by 徐碧霙 2009-03-30 20:49:02, Reply(0), Views(857)

These English-major students were asked to deliver an impromptu speech in 行政大樓6F. They were very nervous, but their performances were IMPRESSIVE!


1.     The questions will be put in a small basket. The first student to draw will have three to four minutes to think through his or her speech. Then the second speaker will draw a topic from the basket just as the first speaker begins to speak.

2.     You will have 2 MINUTES to deliver your speech. Poor time-controlling will cause a serious score deduction.

3.     The main points of an effective impromptu speech:

a.     Start with an attention-getter.

b.      State a specific subject or point of view.

c.      Present reasons, logic, and data.

d.     Conclude with a restatement of viewpoint.

e.     Close with a memorable statement.

f.       Do not apologize, ramble, or get off the subject.

g.      Use the good delivery techniques of sincerity, fluency, posture, gestures, clarity and correctness of speech, and audience contact.