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March 22-Students in News English
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Students were asked to videotape their first project--Video Reporting.

1.     Interview two people about how they use the Library on campus. One person must be English major student. The other person can be non-English major student (or staff/faculty).

2.     Videotape the interview. Keep it short (1 minute & 30 seconds), but make sure you get some interesting statements.

3.     The goal is to let an audience hear other people describe what they do in the library. That will only be interesting if your interviewees say something specific, not general. You will be graded on this aspect of your interviewing skill.


These are AWESOME projects!








Well, I think Ruby's project is my favorite one.  She introduced the function of library: Watching TV, Reading novels, and sleeping. That's what we usually do in the library. However, she also mention the improper things to do in library. The creative skill she use was filming the two situations about people eating and fighting in library. When I watched the part, I laughed wildly continued. I really really appreciated her presentation skills, and her video also let us notice the different view about library. Very funny! Next time, I hope that I can have better idea to do my report well, thanks for your special ideas.  :    D

Dear Eva.

I know you are swamped with many tasks.

Take good care of yourself.

Once you are done with the ppt design, feel free to stop by and we can discuss.


I like  玟君's the most because  it is like a sensational news catching my eyes immediately. She gives the library a interesting topic---love in library, which is a whole new idea.And she got good actors to play Jay and Jolin vividly.玟君 is very energetic and confident in the video. She puts some funny elements in this short delivering, like taking the scene to the bathroom, and shooting people peeing. By using  the weakness of people which is pry and curosity to attract audiences' attention is very brilliant. I enjoy it very much, and the video gives me a whole new point of view of the function of the library.



I like 玟君's video, it makes many interesting things in her film, I think that the video just a little bit like the paparazzo’s news, but I am loving it so much. Her topic is so attractive, most of people like this title, and she shows her sweet smile to everyone, also shows her professional skills, I want to learn the most on this part.  Next time, I think I will do the better than this time, 玟君's video gives me a lot of ideas, I know where I should learn, so, thank you for your video, it's really funny to me . ^ ^ 
    I like Emily's vedio the most, it's so perfessional and so creative. Also, the PPT design is very suitable, I can see the subtitles clearly and the accent of her voice is so sweet. Her question in this project seems very interesting. I also like the Jenny 's vedio, too. Her idea is so unique, it's so special for me. I never think about this kind of  issue. I believe, this is very important to all of us when we occur this accident. Also,her vedio is so clear and her voice is so sweet. I think, next time I will think more on my work. After this report,  learn how to design a PPT,  how to ask a question and increase my courage on the stage.

I like the video report of Emily and Jean. According to Emily's, she shows the fluent speaking and confident smiles while she's interviewing. Her video also makes me feel professional and outstanding with the alternate slides from different interviewees. She is organized and considerate toward the skills of interview. Regarding Jean's, she reveals the natural and confident speaking while she's reporting in front of camera. Her video makes me feel special and interesting by the news style as entertainment. She is ingenious and considerate of the skills of report. By comparing these 2 reporters, Emily tries to be a formal and traditional reporter but Jean let the video to support and instead of her speaking. Finally, I think I really learn many skills of reporting from them.

Dear 翔齋,

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    I think Emily's video impresses me the most. At the beginning, the music attracts me a lot. It makes me  pay more attention to watch the video. When she interviewed those people, she showed the professional of a reporter, includes the clear pronunciation and sweet smile. Also, the questions she asked to interviewees were well designed. I can easy to understand what the topic is. Besides, the subtitles on the scene is obvious and the quaility is good. In conclusion, her video is creative and excellent. After this presentation, I am know how to design and make videos, also learn more from everyone's projects.

I think the video of Emily's . At the beginning, the opening music and special efficacy are very impressive. I saw many fabulous advantages in this video. The arrangement of the video is very fluently. Whatever the music in the video, the question she ask, the situation of she interviewed people, and the captions she puts in the video are all perfectly combine together. This is a very professional and fantabulous video. Through this video, I saw many things I can learn and understand what professional work is. I also can see how hard that Emily to do this video. Those excellent qualities in this video make me feel really like to watch a news report.

I appreciate Jenny's video the most.  She described the way that we should do when the fire or the earthquake happened in the video.  In addition, she made the video in the proper order.  There was also interesting part in the video, for instance, the person who wanted to jump out of the windows....  Furthermore, I think her video is very good because she did well on not only the fluency of the video but also the special effect.  I like the little frame which appeared when the interviewees were described the way they would do when the fire or the earthquake happened.  All in all, I enjoy her video.



My favorite report is Emily's report.  There are some reasons why I like her report.  First, her beginning can make me feel excited.  Second, her voice and film quality are very good.  Third, she puts the subtitles while people are saying.  Fourth, she also takes the question topic on the film before asking people.  But I think she can have more smiling when she is asking people.  Moreover, she has a lot of questions to ask the people.  Finally, her ending is also not bad, but it is too short.  This is why I like the Emily's report.

I like 玟君's video . At the beginning , She introduces that people usually do : Watching TV, Reading novels, study,and sleeping. That's what we usually  appear trite and insignificant in the library,and she shows the fluent English and specialized subject to us. After that, she gives us a shocking action.  Two lover in the library, the special love music , the pictures in the video are obvious and sharp.She is really great, because she shows good qualities in the video, creative power and ability.

I like 玟君's video . At the beginning , She introduces that people usually do : Watching TV, Reading novels, study,and sleeping. That's what we usually  appear trite and insignificant in the library,and she shows the fluent English and specialized subject to us. After that, she gives us a shocking action.  Two lover in the library, the special love music , the pictures in the video are obvious and sharp.She is really great, because she shows good qualities in the video, creative power and ability.I learn a lot from 玟君and  many classmates, I think that i will better than before.

    The video impresses me the most is Emily.  At the beginning, she told us her position detailed.  Then, she began to interview different people.  When she are interviewing, she always gazes at people's eyes and has a smile on her face.  It’s very courteous.  Besides, it’s very good that there are many different opinions in her video because it showed the diversity.  Combined the information of the above, that’s why Emily’s video impresses me the most.

    By the way, I also like Jenny’s video.  Because she had told audience the correct method of fleeing when there are disasters occurring.  It’s very useful and important.  I think she is very creative because she can think of putting this element in the video.

I also like 玟君's vedio. Because her's vedio's content is interesing and creative. I think this part is very important , how to attract audience just by this elements. Therefore let me impressed section is Jolin and Jay''s. I think it is special and unique. On the other hand is her organization has coherance and her  tone's  is sparky. And interview many differert people also good, can more understand other prople why they go to library, maybe really have stars appear in library and dating. Although I don't believe a little but who know! 
I'll like to say the video made by 玟君 really impressed me the most. Not only the contents but also the way she introduced the video to us. She is such a creative girl. She made an example by two popular idols and brought them to our library. It seems like it was actually happened in our life. And her sweet smile in the video also made me feeling she is a friendly person. In my point of view, a great video should be well-organizated and should also catch the audience's  attention. Let people  understand the main idea. And I think 玟君 did a great job and she fitted all the conditions which i just mentioned. Awesome job!! Carry on!!!!!!!
I like Jenny's video~because her video was designed very well.  It's creative.  The most I like is she asks somebody what to do if the earthquack happened!  And one reader answered that he can choose to jump  out the window.  I laught at it.  And a small video shows in the upper right corner.  I think it's good idea.  Haha~I have learned it.  Next time, I can use the idea.  Ha..  Thanks Jenny!!  And the most important is I can learn how to escape from the library if the earthquack happened! ^^
Every one was looked professional.
Emily's was perfect. Vicky's pronouncation was so easy and smooth. 香華's video had many awesome actor and actress. In Ruby's Video, I made the slap for her. That was hurt! Jenny's tought what people should do when the disaster happened.
I like Jean's video the most. Not only she's one of my best friends but also i think she's video is most creative in all of them. Actually, When she asked me to act like Jaye Chou, I thought that was easy thing to do at the first. But I was totally wrong, the process was so difficult. We still had a lot of fun, and say it honestly, she really looked like a paparazzi. Ha Ha!!

     I like Jean's video. Because she has a lot of  creative ideals. It's very easy to understand her expresstion.  "Love" in the library is a good example. I believe that everyone has interesting in love. So,I think the topic attract many people to see. The background music and the plot are very match. I really like design of the polt. Have well-orangized. I think Jean did very very good job. I like her confidence. It also can encourage me to do better next time.

I like 玟君's video. It is an interesting video. Very creative film to me. In the beginning of her video. She is still told everyone come to the library for studying,reading,and watching movies. Then the video become like a kuso video.It is so funny. Let's me a little surprise. But I think it's good.I hope next time my video can be better. I wish I could do a good performance in the class