Individual Presentation I--Seminar--Mickey (05-18-2015)
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Strength: Clear explanation, well prepared.

Weakness: It would be perfectible to add tables for on page 14 and 15.

Question: If there are Korean or other nationalities students in your class, in your opinion what types of strategy will you take to help emphasis their English ability? 

strength: you are less anxious than before ...great

Weakness: maybe you can have a flow chart for the procedure part that can help us understand more about the meth

Q: Can you explain what classroom norms are?

nice ppt design


In your thesis,will you use the grounded research like this author?

1. Well prepared presentation with convincingly confidence
2. Fluent & clear speech with explanations of detail at the right speed
3. Good eye contact with nice smiles
4. Professional & well-organized PPT design

I enjoy and admire your presentation!


Based on the research results, could you share what are helpful facts you've learned?




-          Good PPT design

-          Confident

-          Good interaction

-          Detailed description

-          Good topic





Do you think that the results are different if you conduct the same topic in Taiwan?





˙Clear to get understand

  from the chart of participant

˙Keep good eye contact to the




˙How did the author choose the participants?


Good PPT design
Well prepared.

Do you use the same method in your research?


Interesting topic

proper performance


Why you chose this article?


Professional ppt design and a good speech and ready


Attendees included a number of Masters students and doctoral students? two males and four females, two education courses.

To Marie 
Actually I don't know what the point is ?
Can you explain clearly ?

To Ginny
Because that is related to my research.
To Jane
Yup, i will use the same method in my research.  
To Marina 
becuase they have the similar background so that researcher chose them
To Cara 
yup I think will be different
because in Taiwan we didn't have lots of time to speak english 
so lots of student will be afraid.

To Peggy

All participants stated that there were great differences between Korean and US classroom practices. They all emphasized that the classrooms they had experienced in Korea were too large to have discussions. In addi- tion, most students thought of their teacher as being more knowledgeable than their peers, with the respon- sibility to explain all details of the subject. What the students had to do in class was to listen to their teacher and take notes for further study on their own. Class observations also made it clear that these students did not speak out in class but appeared to be alert. They perceived that many American students were, in contrast, willing to raise questions and discuss them in class and consider this discussion as a means to understand course materials. 

To Aaron
I have learned that in oral class I need to speak out often.
I want to have fluent speaking that is what i need to do 
To Tim
Yup i will do this kind of research in my study .
To Wallis
Yup i will. because different countries have different cultures 
and they also have different method to learn english 
It's imevartipe that more people make this exact point.