Individual Presentation I--Seminar--Ula (03-30-2015)
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˙Professional and  

  well-organized in PPT

  design especially

  procedure slide which is

  quite clear explanation.




˙Does the researcher mention how to tell apart what

  students are FD or ID?


1. Considering the audience
2. Well prepared presentation with convincingly confidence
3. Fluent & clear speech with explanations of detail at the right speed
4. Good eye contact with nice smiles
5. Professional & organized PPT design

I enjoy and admire your leading presentation!  


Depending on the research, do you think that teachers shall need to separate learners into FD & ID of EFL class while teaching English?
strength: excellent presentation

weakness: nope

question:  As I know you will do this kind of project, so will you do the same method in your study?
or do you have any different idea in your own study ?

strength: clear pronunciation

              prefessional PPT

weakness: None.

Q: In your opinions, what caused the majority of the difference between FI and FD?

  What will you do to help those students who belong to FD group?

You did a perfect presentation. (Fluency,Confident,professional PPT....)
No matter FI or FD all show significant improve. If you are the researcher what will you do, Do you also separate the student into two groups?  


-          Good PPT design

-          Confident

-          Good pronunciation

-          Good topic

-          Good explanation





 Please suggest some useful  strategies can help us over encounter of the writing process as you mentioned in your reflection



Clear PPT

smooth processing


In which part do you think that metacognitive strategies offer the greatest efficiency in your teaching?


Professional PPT design and wonderful speeches and kind smile


Teaching strategies, what lessons do children learn? Is a basic communication skills and a unique set of assets.

Strength : Professional PPT design and presentation, well prepared.

Weakness : None.

Question : In this research paper, FD and FI students in experimental group obviously higher mean scores on the writing post-test than control group. What would you do to help Fi students to improve their writing skills?
Strength :
  1. excellent ppt design
  2. professional presentation delivery
  3. great confidence and fluency
Weakness : 

Question : 
1. what is the fast way to distinguish students between FD or FI groups? 


- Well prepare


-Good pronunciation





-Which level of students do want as participants in your research?

  1. well organize 
  2. very professional presentation
  3. professional delivery
  4. excellent ppt design

  1. How to easy let teacher know who is FD and EI?
Really thank for everyone share your opinion about my presentation and share your curious with me. 
Here is my conclusion after reading all questions from you.

As I introduced you in my presentation, FD are people who tend to rely on information provided from outer world, 
in other hand, FI can create or gather their own idea based on their background knowledge by themselves.
There is not "the best" ways to help them in FD in writing, but teach them how to pre-planning, gather idea and develope 
writing structure can help them a lot. As researchers do in this study, they teach participants writing strategies.
Not only provide them useful strategies, but give them more and more model writing. That can let learners read more and
learn more from others. The most important part is evaluate their writing, for example, check with each other in vocabularies,
grammar, punctuation ... ... etc. Otherwise, share their writing by volunteers with everyone can arise their achievement.
Finally, the most important thing to students is teachers' compliment. More compliment they get from teachers, more
higher achievement they have. I do believe.
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