Individual Presentation I--Seminar--Jane (03-30-2015)
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˙Detailed presentation on

  everything in the study

˙Concept-mapping is a

  good topic for students to

  organize their own idea.

˙Some PPT are too

  small and not clear on   

  the screen and the

  paper script such as



˙Are the participants major in English? And how to

  know students are good or poor reader?


1. Well prepared presentation with confidence
2. Fluent & clear speech at the right speed
3. Good eye contact with nice smiles
4. Organized PPT design
5. Great control on the timing

Good presentation! 

1. Table photos of result analysis could be clearer.
2. Put less lines & larger fonts of some PPT slices

After reading the research, do you think CACM reading strategies on teaching junior high learners is favorable?
strength: well ppt design

weakness: pronunciation need to improve

question: Do you think that mapping learning will improve a lot ?  (by your own opinion)

strength: improve a lot. I really appreciate your attitude toward the presentation

weaknesss: some words seem difficult to read especailly the charts

Q: In your opinion, why does Table 3 show different result of the good readers on test 2 and test 3?

Strength: You got a a lot of improve,more confident than before

Weakness: some mind map pictures can be larger? 

Question: Do you want to use mind map strategy to help your student in learning English?
                  Or what will you use in your research?


-          Good PPT design

-          Improvement

-          Detailed presentation

-          Good topic


Some mistakes in pronunciation

Wrong spelling in slide 16



 Why the computer- assisted concept mapping learning strategy did not apply popular in Taiwanese classroom?


good topic offered

more comfident compared with last time

time control well


need to get familiar with some pronunciation of words

some PPT look a little bit messy.


Can you point out that advantanges and disadvantages of using this kind of stretagy?


Professional ppt design and good time management and great speeches


Some sounds on a little bit more attention to points


Concept mapping is a useful set of English reading strategies, positive influence on students ' reading comprehension and reading strategies?

Strength : Good presentation, good time control and speed, well prepared.

Weakness : Some words pronoun in a wrong way.

Question : In your opinion, will you use this strategy as your English reading teaching method? 
- Well prepare


-What is poor reader and good reader?
  1. well organize 
  2. very professional presentation

  1. who to choose nine article?
Strength :
  1. confidence and fluency improve a lot
  2. smooth speed
Weakness : 
  1. pronunciation may need to work on
Question :
  1. using concept mapping learning strategy has a significant improvement, in your opinion, what is the other learning aspect is suitable for using this strategy as  writing or listening?
According to the score of pretest, the teacher divided the student into good reader and poor reader. The score above the average is good reader. The score below the average is poor reader.The students are not major in English. The teacher who taught in class chose nine articles in English magazine. I think concept mapping can improve a lot on reading.  Maybe writing can use this method. Because it can help students organizing all ideas, it lets students be able to understand the article.