Individual Presentation I--Seminar--Marie (12--22-2014)
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-Very confident 
-very smooth in your presentation

-forgot smile in your face

Question:I don't know what is pro-brand,would you explanation to me?
1. Better presentation with confidence
2. Clear speech at the right speed
3. Good eye contact with nice smiles
4. Organized PPT design

1. Problematic design of some PPT slides
2. Don't be too excited to lose audience expectation

Would you explain the limitations of this study here again? Thank you! 




˙Good PPT design

˙Perform better than

last presentation

˙The words are too small

on slide 15.


˙What are the participants in this research?



-          Nice dress

-          Well prepare

-          More confident

-          Good topic




-          Should keep eye contact





What kind of method did the researcher use to collect data? Why?



Good ppt design
Very confident

Some words are small.
No eye contact

What kind of career do you want as your participants in your research?
ppt is quiet ok
you're getting better than last time! Keep going!
I have some comments about the table in ppt,
next time if you want to show the table,
you better show a clear picture.
Why do you choose this topic?
-Very friendly
-nice presentation

-need more eye contact

Question:Can those results use in another service industry?why?

strength: you really improved a lot.

weakness: Sometimes, it's better to use your own words to explain

                some details to help the audience understand more about your topic.

Q: Based on your presentation, if you want to have a further sutdy about it,

    What will you choose to do?

  1. great improvement of your presentation
  2. ppt design is much better than last time
  1. ppt design needs more work
  1. i f  you are a manager, how will you do to improve your employee's brand motivation while increasing their brand performance?
strength: better than last time, good ppt, eye contect
weakness: can practice more with friends 

question: beside the motivational drivers can cheer up employees, what else can drivers that fuel?
Internal Brand Management (IBM).employee perceived brand meaningfulness and employee perceived brand value fit. on an employee’s pro-brand motivation, and subsequent brand performance, with consideration also being given to the moderating impact that an employee’s intrinsic motivation to work (aninherent motivation) has on this relationship.


This study can be considered exploratory, does not provide for future research, it is recommended that future studies examining a specific brand values dimension.

like all research, limitations exist and should be acknowledged. First, according to ,to avoid the potential common method bias in self-completed surveys, it is recommended that researchers collect different data for predictor and criterion variables (use managers’ evaluation or customer feedback to reflect employees’ brand performance).Given our data collection method, utilizing a market research list firm, where by participants opted in to complete surveys in the current study, we were not able to identify the organizations that employees belong to, thereby limiting our ability to utilize additional different data sources. Although no serious common methodbias was identified, future research should attempt to incorporate other perspectives in evaluating employee pro-brand motivation,brand performance, etc. Collecting longitudinal data can also helpavoid this problem.


Participants are anonymous and voluntary, there are 1-3 to work.


In order to understand how employees’ motivation informs their brand performance, an online self-reported survey approach was used to collect data. This perceptual measure is deemed appropriate in that employee motivational drivers are specific to their organization’s brand and are internal to the employee, therefore,can only be determined by self-reported measures.

Thank you for EVERYONE giving me a good pros and cons, I will work harder, make more progress and get better, prepared its next report!


Have a chance, I would like to in the hotel or the hotel industry when a management Manager.


My brand management for restaurants or hotels in this area are interested in topics to think about looking for a more diversified development.


I think it is fine, whether in restaurants or hotels service, is a challenging task, as long as the heart, can be realized.


I would choose the hotel industry, the hotel industry or business class or other direction, hoping to develop diverse.


I feel the need for internal communications, training, brand standards, organizational culture, supervision and assessment system to adjust, implementation plan, setting goals, praises the professional competence in the field, as well as resistance.


I feel the need for internal communications, training, brand standards, organizational culture, supervision and assessment system to adjust, implementation plan, setting goals, praises the professional competence in the field, as well as resistance.


In recent years, with "fuel cell" power generation technologies, through continuous improvement, its commercial prospects in sight. In particular the automotive industry, the "fuel cell" of most interest. Use the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, produces electricity and water, and not only completely free of pollution, also avoided the problem of conventional battery charging time.