Individual Presentation I--Seminar--Ula (12--15-2014)
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Excellent presentation.... Everything is perfect with you, especially your smile... 

Q: Mobile integration has played an very important role in educaion system,

    in your opinion, do you think if using too much mobile intergration will have some kind of harmful effect on students?


-PPT design is very well

-eye contact and nice smiles


-No, because everything is well.


Why did the author only choose 10th grade of senior high students as the participants not all grade of them?


Very confident 
Very fluency
PPT is  professional 
Nope you really did a good job on it
In this paper, Do you think the convenient is the most important variable to influence the result?
If the desktop change to laptop,the result maybe will different?
1. Considering the audience
2. Well prepared presentation with convincingly confidence
3. Fluent & clear speech with explanations of detail at the right speed
4. Good eye contact with nice smiles
5. Professional & organized PPT design
6. Good control on the timing

I enjoy and admire your presentation!  


The present study favored the ERPs and EBs enhanced language learners' ability on reading. Do you think ERPs and EBs would change ESL learners' reading interests and attitudes in Taiwan?

Very professional ppt design interacts with the good and gracious smile


Children learn English, uses extensive reading program, children will like it?


-          Nice dress

-          Good PPT design

-          Confident

-          Good pronuciation

-          Good interaction





Could you suggest some websites or  some softwares to get free reading programe?

Excellent presentation.... nice accent..nice smile....

Q: In your opinion, is there any weak point in using mobile integration to learn language?

strength: confident and well prepared.

weakness: none


Can  using high tech device in English teaching last the students' enthusiasm?




˙Great pronunciation

  and talk confidently

˙Clear PPT design and 




˙Did the researcher use other learning tools such

  as smart phones or tablet computers in the

  mobile group?

  1. excellent presentation
  2. neat ppt design
  3. clear pronunciation
Weakness: none

  1. Do you think it's possible to have a mobile-assisted extensive reading program for freshman in CYUT?
strength: good ppt, professional presentation

weakness: miss type the text 

question: which one you more prefer? ipad or pc?
I'm really thank for all compliments you give me, love you all.

To Peggy: 
Yes, I think this is a good question for teachers who conducted this teaching way, they might limit time student use in
daily learning life.

To Emma:
It didn't mention in this study, maybe the researcher is one of the 10-grade teachers.

To Tim:
Well, convenient is one of the important things in this result, students also can freely choose books 
what they interested in.
If changed to laptop, it won't be easy to take everywhere than ipad.

To Aaron:
Why not? If devices is easy to take and freely to read, i think everyone would like to read
more, even comic books or watch shows video.

To Marie:
According to this study, mobile group collects more positive perceptions than PC group.
So, i think children like to use mobile device to read extensively.

To Cara:
One of our department professors suggests me a softwares called Kindom.
You can download e-books for free to read, maybe you can try it.

To Caine:
Yes, it is not fair that students in mobile group can always take ipad mini everywhere to read and 
have higher record on Raz-Kids reading website, on the other hand, PC group cannot.

To Ginny:
If high tech devices keep developing, it is a good choice for language teachers to integrate
in teaching ways.

To Marina:
The researcher didn't mention it in this study, sorry.

To Ellie:
The answer maybe yes,and we can suggest teachers in our department to have a try. 

To Gigi:
I always use my ipad to read some English novels in my free time to keep myself in studying.