Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- 雅媚 Presentation I (05-20-2013)
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Strength :

1-very nature and clear PPT design

2-special topic 

3-explain very detail about all definition of terms 

Weakness :

1-too nervous

2-read too fast 

Q : Compared with your study, would you use the same method ? 
: Powerful PPT design.
: Show clear findings.
: The methodology part with some graphics is pretty helpful.

: No reflection part in your presentation,
: Some of the words are too small to see them.
: Keep eye contact with people. 

Question: What will be the dependent and independent variables in your research? 

Strength: Dress code, patience, volume
Weakness: A little bit nervous
Question: Can EACs improve the dilemma of the protecting the environment while developing China's economy?

Strength: First, you give us the abbreviations clearly that we could understand the variables detail. Second, PPT is organized, especially the part of introduction and literature review. Third, the results you explained clearly.

Weakness: First, you could have more eye contact with audiences. Second, you are a little bit nervous.

Question: Do you also use the questionnaires of 5-point Likert-type Scale to conduct your study? Why or why not?

Strength: 1. Your pronounce is clear.
                2. You highlight the key words such as 7, 11 and 12.
                3. The ppt is professional, especially slide 13.
                4. You wear the formal suit.
Weakness: 1. You speak a little fast.
                   2. If you can more eye contact with audiences would be better.
                   3. If yu can use your own words to explain the ppt would be better.
Question: Compare to this study and your future study, what is different between these two study?
Strength :
1. It is an attractive PPT design!
2. smile
3. graceful

1. stronger!

What is the critical role?

For Ivy:

1. S: Your presentation is fluent. Your volume is appropriate. You use your own words to explaine the PPTs. Your PPT is well-organized and neatly designed. In particular, the visual aids shown on the Title page, slide 2, 3, and 16. You introduce and define terms ahead of the Introduction section. You also keep good eye contact with the audience.

2. You did not show the connection between this paper and your future study in the reflection part.

3. Question: In Table IV, MED has a negative regression coefficient. What does that mean to consumers’ purchase intention?

Strengh: 1. You highlight key words on slide 11, 12.
              2. Methodology is very clear on slide 13, 14, 16.
              3. implications is very clear on slide 25, 26.
Weakenss: 1. More eye contact is better.
                 2. Your presentation is a little fast.
                 3. Some words is too small on slide 13.
Question: Do you use the same questionnaire?
Good pronunciation.
Good to highlight the main point..
PPT is well-organized.

More sweet smiles and eye contact for the audiences.
Some words are to small.

Q: What is your reflection?


1.      Clear pronunciation

2.      Dressed up

3.      Nice power point design and you know the paper quite well.


1.      The color consistency needs to improve.

2.      Lack of smile

3.      You could use more images instead of words.

4.      It’s better to not use the word image in the background setting.


Why would the authors choose the participants in Beijing and Grangzhou? What about Shanghai?

Strength: Your power point design is very creativity.
               you highlight some key words.
Weakness: Some words too small.
                  You can use more your own words.
Question: Why don't you put the reflection in your ppt? How do you do your research ?

Your PPT design is professional, especially slide 16.
You introduced all abbreviations at first, such as slide 4-5.
Your voice is loud enough.

You look nervous, so your speech is too fast.
Perhaps, you should have more eye contact with audience.
Perhaps, you can try to use your own words to explain.

Because you didn't show your reflection, so my question is:
Is there any part of study you want to put into your future study?

PPT slide 13 is very nice
loud enough 
full of confident

few eye contact
need more smiles

Q: Who were the participants in this study? Where did author find them?
Nice pronunciation
Neat PPT
Underline the key point

less eye-contact
Words are too small to see in Slide 15
Words are too dark to see in some slides

What's the difference will be between this study and your future study?
 I like your ppt style, it's cute and suitable for your topic.
Your ppt structure was clearly.
Powerful voice.

Not enough fluently in your presentation this time.
Slide 15's words was a little small, and you didn't show the reflection part.
Not enough eye-contact.

Do you gonna use the same variables in your future study?