Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- Debbie's Presentation I (05-13-2013)
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Strength :

1-very clear pronunciation 

2-very professional dress

3-net PPT design

Weakness :


2-more smile would be fine


Q : In your opinion, mobile phone is necessity or addition ?
Strength: Dress code. I suppose you created your PPT form. I love them. I think they are creative since I always
               use a fixed form to present my speech. It's not interesting at all.
Weakness: A little bit nervous.
What's your indepent variable for your study? I think social networking is an independent variable to smart phone addition, isn't it? People are crazy about social networking. It's amazing.


1.          Good pronunciation.

2.          Good power point arrangement.

3.          You showed the crucial parts.


1.          Why would you put an arrow between university students and ages in  slide 14? Is there any relevance?

2.          You dressed in all black, quite dark.

3.          You didn’t show the reliability.


Any limitation?

Why did the authors use simple random sampling? Did they mention the reason, if not; could you give us your opinion?

In slide 24, what are "the related factors" in your study you're gonna use?

clear information

some slides are too dark to see 
few eye contact
too much reading

Q: I think most people can't live without mobile phone is because they want to keep their own privacy. The point is that I don't think those people who cannot live a day without mobile phone can be counted as addictive behaviors. What do you think? 
Strength: Professional PPT and very formal dress.
Clear introduction.
Interesting topic.

Weakness: Need more eye contact and gesture. 
Some of the colors in your PPT are a little too dark. 
Could be better if you use your own words.

: You mentioned in your presentation that you're gonna study on smart phone. Will you focus on only one product or all of the smart phones in general? 

Strength: First, you speak fluently and clearly. Second, the PPT is neat. Third, you wear the formal dress.

Weakness: First, you could more eye contact with audiences. Second, you could put the topic at the top on literature review.

Question: What’s the related factor of smartphone you could use to conduct your study? Could you give me some examples?

Clear pronunciation.
Cute hair style.
Good to design the PPT. (Page.14 & 15)

The background of the PPT is too dark. (Content part)
Try to use your own words to explain the contents.

What is the contents of your future questionnaire?

Strength: 1. It is good ppt design on slide 2.
                2. You highlight the key words such as 5 and 7.
                3. Your pronounce is clear.
                4. The ppt slide 14 and 15 designare special and clear.
Weakness: 1. If you can more eye contact with audiences would be better.
                   2. The ppt slide 2 background is too dark that the words are hard to see.
                   3. You are a little nervous.
Question: Did the researcher mention the respondents frequently do when they use mobile phone?

For Chia-Chi (Debbie)

S: Your presentation is fluent. The PPT is well-organized and neatly designed. In particular, key words are highlighted from slide 5 through 12. There are many interesting visual aids shown on these slides as well. The visual aids which appeared on slides 14 and 15 are clear.

2. If you want to emphasize on some words, you can speak them in a louder, higher, and clear voice.

3. Question: Did the participants of this paper come from the same university?

Strength: 1. The content design is very good.
               2. You highlight some key words on slide 7-12.
               3. clear pronunciation
Weakness: 1. The background is too dark on slide 2.
                 2. More eye-contact is better.
                 3. You are a little nervous.
Question: 1. In your furure study, there are 700-800 participants. So, how do you look for 700-800 university students in Taichung?
Your speech is very fluent.
Your PPT design is professional, especially slide 14-15 & 20.
Q&A is good.

Perhaps, you need to have more eye contact with audience.
If you give us the procedure from this study, that would be good.
You look a little bit nervous.

You mentioned that you will have 700-800 students in your future study, that means you want to collect 700-800 questionnaires, right?
So, what will you do that? And what kind of sampling you will use?

fluent speech
good pronunciation
Neat PPT design

Slide 2 is too dark to see 
less eye-contact
more gesture would be better

 Which grade of university students will be your participants?
Strength: Nice dressed
               Your whole power point design is very good
               In slide no.16 and no.18, it's quite clearly.
Weakness: Need more eye contact and smile.
Question: Do you think this study have connect with your study?
High-light points, it's clearly.
Good pronunciation.
Good ppt design, such as slide 14-18.

In slide 2 was good, but others were looks too dark, can't see it clearly.
Not enough eye-contact.
Maybe you can use more postures when you present.

In your opinion, do you think the results will similar with your future study?


I think it will depend on your purpose of using cellphone.


My independent variable will be demographic. Your suggestion is good for me.


This study can be repeated with different respondents like parents, friends and colleagues. These might be suitable respondents as they are directly affected by one’s behavior and habits.

Because college students have the most addictive behavior, using random sampling is an easy way to collective.  

I will use college students’ life pressure and their leisure participation to predict.


That is exactly addictive behavior, may be they keep their cellphone to them because they are afraid that they may miss something.


I don’t care about the brand of the smartphone; I just care about their addictive behavior to their smartphone.


I will use college students’ life pressure and their leisure participation to predict.


I will adopt from previous studies and do some modification.


In this study, very few of respondents are those who always show extreme addictive behaviors.


The researcher did not mention it, I don’t know either.


There are 15 schools in Taichung. I will collect my participant from all universities or colleges from Taichung, perhaps! I guess.


There are 15 schools in Taichung. I will collect my participant from all universities or colleges from Taichung, I will use random sampling, once he/she is using his/her smartphone, and I will give him/her a questionnaire.


I do not care about their ages, as long as he/she is a college student.


Regard this study as a reference, because this study focus on cellphone and my study focus on smartphone.


I guest not, once your phone can surf the net, it will have attraction, I think it will have very different result from smartphone.


1. It's a sense of design of your PPT.
2. fluently speaking

1. Show Debbie style to us!

Is it necessary to ask psychologists opinion while you want to know smart phone addiction?