Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- Laura's Presentation I (05-13-2013)
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Strength :
1-special and net ppt design

2-voice loud enough

3-use picture to emphasize key point 

Weakness :

1-eye-contact need to improving 

2-should notice about some posture

Q : Compared with your own research,
did you find any similar part of research ?  
Strength: Excellent paper,  PPT and time control
Weak:  No
Your study will investigate Macdonald. How about brand love about smart phones?
Ungraduate students love smart phones. 


1.          Good pronunciation

2.          You listed the 7 items.

3.          You’re not nervous, are you?


1.          You could explain more about slide 16.

2.          You should have put the notes to explain for those numbers.

3.          You’re so calm, just give us more smiles.


Any limitation?

What did you try to express by those pictures for us in slide 19 to slide 20?

nice PPT design
eye contact
show the conceptual framework, which is clear
use your own words

not so confident
not loud enough

Q: Can you think of any reason that H1 and H4 are rejected? 

Strength: First, you speak fluently and clearly. Second, you have body language with audiences. Third, you use your own words to explain the variables. Fourth, you control time well.

Weakness: Maybe you could show some examples of question for audiences.

Question: You don’t focus on the fashion brands, so what types of brand you could choose to conduct your study? Could you give me some examples?

- Good pronunciation.
-Good presentation atmosphere.
-Power point is well-organized.

More confidence voice.
More eye contact for the classmates.
Some words are too small. (P.15)

Q:Will you take the questionnaire of this study as your future questionnaire?
Strength: 1. Your pronounce is clear.
                2. Your ppt is neat.
                3. You highlight the key words such as 4, 5 and 6.
                4. You use your own word to explain slide 4 and 10.
                5. Your speaking is fluent.
Weakness: 1. If you can more eye contact with audiences would be better.
                   2. If your slide numbers can put same place would be better.
                   3. If you can more smile would be better.
Question: Why you choose undergraduate students in your future study?

For Laura,

1. S: Your presentation is fluent, speaking with suitable intonation and good pronunciation. The PPT is well-organized and concisely designed. For example, you use different colors to highlight independent and dependent variables, as well as keywords on slides 4, 5. 7, 8, 9, and 10. In particular, you illustrate the conceptual framework of this paper. The visual aids shown on the Methodology, Procedure, Fashion brands are very clear. You also mentioned Facebook as an example of Literature Review. The reflection part shows the connection between this paper and your future study. You also keep good eye contact with the audience.

2. I think your overall performance is good.

3. Question: On slide 18, the results of data analysis were shown. How did the authors get the conclusion from the results?

Strength: 1. You highlight the independent variable on slide 6.
               2. Useing the body language
               3. The procedure is very clear.
Weakness: 1. Some words is to small on slide 16.
                  2. More smile is better.
Question: Are there limitation(s) in the research?
I love your design on  framework slide (slide 11).
You use your own words to explain each slide.
You have plentiful posture.

You put the page number on different place.
Some words are small on handout.
Have more smile would be better.

On reflection part, you mentioned that you will focus on different kinds of brands, such as McDonalds.
So, will you adapt this questionnaire to do your future study? 
Neat PPT design
Nice gesture 
Use own word to present the paper

less eye-contact
Words are too small and dark in slide 15
some pronunciation should be improve (i.e. significant)

Why you choose undergraduate students to be your participants?
Strength: Nice pronunciation
                speak very fluency
                whole ppt quite clearly
Weakness: more smile
                  your slide number have to revise.
Question: How the firm's image impact on customer?

To 俊諺: Yes. We will use the same model.

To Betty: Smart phone has been studied a lot. I would love to study other products.

To Rady: Slide 19 and 20 show how brand image affects brand love and WOM.

To 旻燁:  Maybe due to the different kind of brands the participant thought about.

To 庭欣: Myabe food related brand, for example coca cola.

To 沙賓: Yes I will take some parts of them.

To 俐君: Because young people like to eat fast food more, based on McDonald’s official report.

To 思竹: They got the result by using SEM.

To   佳潁: The sample is limited.

To 思廷: Yes, I am going to adapt it and add more items.

To  倪均: The undergraduate students are chosen because fast food is more popular among young consumers.

To 斐喻: Brand image could increase the emotional relationships with brands.    

High-light points in your ppt.
Your were use some gestures when you were present, that's good.
Good ppt design, it's clearly.

You have a little eye-contact, but you should look at somebody's eye, not just look for a while.
Your voice can have more powerful will be better.
Some pronunciation sounds not too clearly.

How many participants are reliable in your future study, in your opinion?
1. personal guesture
2. moderate volume
1. The page number didn't be fixed.
We uaually focus on fashion brands and then buy them. In your research, you especially said you will focus on different kinds of brands, so what's different?