Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- 佳穎 Presentation I (05-06-2013)
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1-net PPT design

1-this study use

2-clear department and independent variable show on PPT


2-this study too completed, may be you need to use more time to explain.

3-profesional dress and fluency speech.

3-too nervous.

Q: This study has two research questions, three Hypotheses

would you think there need to add one hypothesis?

: Professional dress.
: Excellent PPT design, especially in slide 5, 6. 
: Main idea relates to the purpose. 

: Q & A part is a little bit uncertain. 
: Missing eye contact.

: If you want to extend your research based on this article, what will be your hypothesis?
loud enough

it would be better to show the definition of E-book. 

Q: How did the author choose the level of E-book? 

Cute suit.
Be confidence than last time.

A little nervous.
Not fluently.

Q: Why do you want to choose the kindergarten and elementary school students as the participants?
1. improving
2. speak more fluently

1. more powerful!

Paper test for kindergarten children is not easy thing, isn't it?
Strenghth:  Lovely PPT, professional dress code, a gentel presentation
Weakness: .A little bit nervous. Please speak more fluently and confidently.
Is it possible to teach 3~6 graders English by using E-book English textbook?

For Jessica:

1. S: Your presentation is fluent. You pronunciation is very good and your smile is sweet. The PPT is well-organized and neatly designed. For example, you use different colors to highlight independent and dependent variables. The visual aids shown on the slides 3 through 9 are very closely related to the topic. Slide 12 (Methodology) is well designed. The reflection part shows the connection between this paper and your future study. You also keep good eye contact with the audience.

2. Some contents are blocked on the printed out PPT, for example, Slide 12.

3. Question: How long does it take for both experimental and control groups to learn from story books?

1. Slide no.12 is clear for us to understand.
2. Your presentation is concise.
3. Your dress is professional.
You are too NERVOUS.
What is the contribution from this study?

Strength:  First, you speak fluently and clearly. Second, you highlight the keywords like slide no.7 to 9. Third, you explain the results clearly on slide no. 20 to 22.

Weakness: First, you are a  little bit nervous. Second, you could speak confidently.

Question: Why do you choose the storybooks to conduct your study, not e-books?

☞ Strength part : 

(1)   Your PPT design is clear.

(2)   Voice is loud enough.


Weakness part:

(1)   Be confident

(2)   Don't be nervous.


In your own study, what kind of materials will you use?

Strength: Your power point's design is very good. It's quite clearly.
               You highlight the key words in your ppt, P.4-5 and P.7-9.
Weakness:You have a little nervous. You can be more confidence.
Question: Due to this study is for oral test, and your study is for paper test.
                Do you think it will have effect to lower grade children for use paper test?
Strength: 1. You highlight the key words on slide 4, 5 and 6.
                2. Your design of ppt is colorful and neat.
                3. The ppt on slide 13 is clear.
                4. Your speaking is fluent.
                5. You have a gestre that pointed out the key sentence when you explain slide 22 and 23.
Weakness: 1. You are a little nervous.
                   2. If you can more cotact with audiences would be better.
                   3. Because we can't see statistic analysis at results parts, if you can show the questions supported or unsupported next slide would be better.
Question: Did you that that printing storybooks vocabulary is diffcult to memorize for first grade of kindergarten?
Strength - Dressed well, fluently speaking and voice loud and clear

Weakness - Less eye contact and a little bit nervous

Question - In your own study, what kind of paper test are you going to conduct? is it make by yourself?
Your PPT design is colorful and professional.
You gave us many example of research tools, such as slide 15~19, I think it is helpful.
Your voice is loud enough, and time control is good.

You're a little bit nervous.
Perhaps, you should have more eye contact with audience.

Did the researchers mention why they choose kindergarten and first grade students to do the research?
And why you want to choose those two groups in your future study?


You showed the research tools.

Dressed up well

Power point design is quite fine.


Lack of eye contact

Wrong pronunciation of “exhibit”

Nervous a little bit


Is there any evidence proved that kindergarten students and first grade students can be discussed together? It’s quite different.

In your research, you will use paper test, so show your points that paper test is better than oral test.

good ppt style, it's suitable for your topic.
your voice was loudly enough.
high-light point and you were also use gestures to these points.

you seems a little nervous because your voice was a little trembling.
"similar" wrong pronunciation.
you don't have enough eye-contact.

Why are the research adopted kindergarten and first grade, in your opinion ?
To Laura:

1.      That first graders would exhibit higher vocabulary ability.

2.      That first graders would exhibit higher early word reading.
To Patty:
The E-book was examined by four experts on children’s literature who have a master’s degree and was found to be a good book for work with children. The story’s structure and simple narrative elements- setting, characters, goal/initiating event, problem and solution/ending- appear eminently suitable for the participants’ age.

To: Rickie

There are two questions and three hypotheses.

Do children from both age groups benefit from the activity with the e-book compared to the control group?


To Sabrina:

The teacher uses the storybooks to teach students. And I want to know that how different children benefit from the storybooks.


To Tim:

Yes, it is not easy. I think that I will change the test type. I will use the oral test or observe.


To Betty:

In my opinion, it is possible. There is a computer equipment in every class.