Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- 桂園 Presentation I (05-06-2013)
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1-professinoal and well design PPT.

1-      some words on PPT

is too small

2-clear design of methodology


3-clear pronunciation

3-the paper of PPT too


Q: This study use 7-point Likert scale, why would want to use

5-point scale?



: Methodology part is pretty clear.
: Explanation is effective.
: Materials are brief and accurate. 

 : Not comfortable with information presented sometimes. 
: Lack of body language. 

: Based on your key paper,  what will be the dependent variables in your research?  
nice dress 
clear explanation 
show the definitions on slide 5 and 6

not so fluent this time 
time control 

Q: Why do you choose 5 point likert scale instead of 7 point likert scale in your own study?

Good presentation atmosphere.
Beautiful dress.
Tender voice.

Time controlling should be improved.
Words are too small. 

Q: What is the differences between this study and your study?

1. A challenging paper!
2. look younger

1. Your voice isn't powerful enough.
2. Speed up!

Will you follow the limitations?
For 俊彥 & Patty,
I am sorry for the dark PPT. The paper used 5- point scale. My study will use 7- point scale because of the analyses, SEM.
For 維真,
Organizational commitment is my dependent variable.
For Sabrina,
The participants are different. The paritcipants of this study are from different industries, but the participants of my study will only from the insurance industry.
For Tim,
No, it is impossible for me to make a longitudal study. If I am an employee of an insurance company, maybe it is possible to have a longitudal study, but I am not at this moment.
Strength: 1. You use your own words to explain some key words.
               2. The methodology is very clear on slide 11.
               3. nice dress
Weakness: 1. Some words is too small on slide 13, 14,15.
                 2. More eye-contact is better.
                 3. time control
Question: Your research is questionnaire, so could you give me one or two question(s) example?

For Betty:

1. S: Your presentation is fluent. You pronunciation is very good. The structure of your presentation is good. You use visual framework to describe Theory and Hypotheses on Slides 8 through 10. The visual aids shown on the slides 2 through 7 are very closely related to the topic. Slides 11 and 12(Methodology) are well designed. The reflection part shows the connection between this paper and your future study. You also keep good eye contact with the audience.

2. If the presentation was sped up, you could have better time control.

3. Question: On Slides 9 and 10, two verbs are mentioned: “mediate” and “moderate.” What is the difference between the two verbs?

1. Slide no. 11, 12 are good.
2. Your presentation is neat.
3. Dress is cute.
It is good that you use your own word to interpret, but it will be better if you interpret concisely.
What significant information do you learn from this study?
Strength: First, you speak fluently and clearly. Secondly, you explain the part of results clearly on slide no.16 to 18. Third, good time control. 

Weakness: First, maybe you could put keywords on slide no. 10 and 18. Second, maybe you could more body language with audiences.

Question: Do your participants have turnover intention, or not?

☞ Strength part : 

(1)   Your PPT design is quite clear

(2)   Nice dress!.

☞Weakness part:

(1)   Time controlling

(2)   You can give us more eye contact.


In your study, who is your participant? 

Strength: You explain  the terms that we don't know in your slide no.5 to 6.
               Nice dress.
Weakness: The slide of reflection's background is too dark.
                   You have to control your time.
Question:  What's the connection with your study?
Strength: 1. You use your own words to explain the ppt.
                2. Your ppt is clear.
                3. You highlight the key words on slide 7.
                4. Your speaking is fluent.
                5. Your pronounce is clear.
Weakness: 1. Your ppt on slide 2 has APA error.
                   2. Some words are too small such as slide 10 and 18.
                   3. If you can more eye contact with audiences word better.
Question: In your opinion, does the key paper has weakness about “perceived training opportunities”? And how to modify it then combine with your variable “organizational training” in future study?
Strength - Well organized about the PPT and quite fluently speech

Weakness - Maybe the color should change would be better and time control

Question - "SEM" this statistical analysis is to test what?
You gave us a lot of information and example on each slide.
You look confidence.

Word is unclear to see on slide 22.
Word should be more bigger on your slide.
Perhaps, you need more intonation.

Why you want to use 7-point likert scale in your future study?


Clear pronunciation

The structure of power point design is good.

If we could see the result clearly that would be a fabulous presentation.


TMI in hypotheses parts

I cannot see the data of result from the auditorium.

The words’ color is inconsistent with the color of background.


What did you learn from this paper toward your further study?

You have eye-contact.
Confidence and professional speech.
Good ppt design, such as slide 8-11, it's clearly.

In your ppt slide 4-6 and 20, maybe your can change the pictures' places will looks better.
Some slide looks a little small, ex: slide 13-15.
Reflection part was too dark.

Why are you gonna use 7-point liker-scale in your future study?
For 佳穎,
That's easy. I just finished my questionnaire. Here are the example.

(5) Organizational commitment








1: Strongly disagree

2: Disagree

3: Somewhat disagree

4: Neutral

5: Agree

6: Somewhat agree

7: Strongly agree



I would be very happy to spend the rest of my career in this organization.









I really feel as if this organization’s problems are my own.









I feel like “part of the family” at my organization.









I feel “emotionally attached” to this organization.









This organization has a great deal of meaning for me.









I feel a strong sense of belonging to my organization.








For 思竹大哥,
Oh, no. I just wonder who will find these two words. I can answer you in Chinese only, becaue it is too
difficult to explain it. mediate: 干擾 moderate:中介
For 庭欣,
Turnover isn't my variable, but organizational commitment is related to employee's turnover.
For Ivy,
The participants of my study are insurance employees.
For Debbie, 斐喻, 俐君, 智鐳,
Perceived training opportunity is one of my variable. I foud 4 questions for my questionnare from this article.
I will only investigate the perceived training opportunity from one insurance compnay, not from different industries as the researcher's.
For Adam,
You know EFA of SPSS, right? If you want to test CFA, you have to use SEM. What a complicated statistic method. I'm still learning it.
For 思廷 & apple,
I had SEM classes on April 13 & 14. The teacher suggested that 7-point Likert scale is much better for SEM
analyses. The quantity of questions for each variable is from 3 to 7. I accept his suggestion.
Thank you for all of you.