Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- 王澤Presentation I (04-29-2013)
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1-Formal dress


1-you need more intonation.

2-you use posture to emphasize

The key sentence.


2-if some slide could use double space, it would be better.

3-You highlight the key variables



4-You feel confident



Q: So, you would use the same questionnaires in this study? Or keep searching more articles?

good PPT design
interesting topic

few eye contact
use your own words

Q: How many participants will be in your own study? 
Good speaking pace.
Pronounce clearly.
PPT is well- organized.

More smiles for the audiences.
Be confident.
Q:  What is the difference between this study and your study? And this paper is helpful for your future study?

For Adam:

1. S: Your presentation is fluent. You use intonation to stress important points. The PPT is well-structured by showing the background and purpose, and research questions of this paper on slides 5, 6, and 7, respectively. In addition, the visual aids used on slide 5 and 6 are helpful for the audience to understand the meaning. You also keep good eye contact with the audience. The reflection part shows the connection between this paper and your future study.

2. I found that the Citation slide did not use APA format.

3. Question: The author used “treatment” to reduce participants’ anxiety. What is the treatment?

: Formal dress.
: The presenter is able to keep everyone's attention all the time.
: Love your PPT design especially slide 5, 6 and 7.

: APA errors.
: Could be better if you use your own words at the introduction part. 

Question: Are you going to use the original questionnaire in this study or to modify it? 

1.Design is good.
2.Voice is loud enough.
3.Slide no.5,6,24 are clear to understand.

1.It will be better if you use your own words to express.

What is the limitation?
Strength: Professional dress code; a stable presentation; neat PPT
Weakness: Explanation of PPT
Question: How will you solve communication apprehension (p.182, the last paragraph) if you are a teacher?


1.          Dressed up

2.          Voice loud enough

3.          You’re serious about this presentation


1.          Less smile

2.          Some of the words in some slide could be bigger


Sample enough? Any limitation in this study?

Fluent speech
Nice gesture
Give example in Methodology

A little bit nervous
Words are too small in the form in slide 20
Intonation should be improve

Why you focus on listening anxiety? not speaking writing or reading?

 Strength part: 

(1) The structure of your present is quite clear.

(2) Your pronunciation is quite good.

(3) Good time controlling

Weakness part:

(1) You can give us more eye contact.


Will you use “ FLCAS” in your study?

Strength: 1. You use the body language.
               2. You highlight the dependent and independent words on slide6, 7.
               3. The methodology is very clear on slide 15, 17, and 18.
Weakness: 1. The table one is too small on slide 20.
                 2. time control
Question: Are there any limitation in this research? 
Strength: Nice dressed
                highlight the key words in your slide No.5 to 10.
                methodology part is very clear.
Weakness: little nervous
                  need more eye contact
Question: Should you do the pilot study in your study or not? Why?
Strength: First, you speak fluently that we could understand clearly. Second, you highlight the key words like slide no. 5, 6, 9 and 10. Third, you explain the part of procedure clearly on slide no. 16 to 18.

Weakness: First, maybe you could more eye contact with audiences. Second, you have a little bit nervous.

Question: Could you explain the word "self-deprecatory thoughts" on slide no. 23?
Strength: 1. Your voice is loud enough.
                2. You highlight the key words such as 5 and 6.
                3. Your pronunciation is clear.
                4. You have a gesture that pointed out the key sentence when you explain slide 15 and 16.
Weakness: 1. If you can more eye contact with audiences would be better.                
                   2. If yu can use your own words to explain the ppt would be better.
                   3. If you can more smile would be better.
Question: In your opinion, does the teacher's teaching experience also affect on students listening test anxiety?
1. Your PPT design is professional, especially on methodology part, because is step by step to introduce the data.
2. You highlight the key words, such ad slide 7.
3. On the results part, you showed the findings and question on the same slide, it is clear to understand.

1. Perhaps, you should have more eye contact with audience.
2. You introduce the procedure step by step, that is good, but the word type is too small to read.
    So, maybe you should try to put some key words on the slide, not all sentence.

Did the researchers mentioned why they focus on the intermediate group?
Because elementary group is also easy to be anxiety during learning English, isn't it?
Good ppt style and design, such as slide 15-18.
High-light point in your ppt, that's clearly.
You have eye-contact and gestures.

PPT's words can be more bigger, it will be clearly.
It seems your confidence was not enough than last time.

Will you use pilot study in your future thesis?
1. still formal.
2. power voice.

1. You can tell us more about "my future study & this study"

Will you ask psychiatrists about test anxiety?

To Rickie – Yes, I will use the same questionnaire in my future study.


To patty – I’m not sure, approximately 40-50 people.


To Sabrina – Yes, this study is helpful, and in this paper, the variables are teachers’ role and listening anxiety and my study’s variables are listening anxiety and listening strategies.


To Scott – I’m sorry; the researcher did not mention that what treatment they used.


To 維真 – I will conduct the same questionnaire to test the anxiety


To Debbie – Yes, there is a limitation, it’s on page 183, the last two paragraph.


To Betty – If I were a teacher, I will teach my students not afraid of make mistake and try to speak out.


To Rady – Enough, Yes, there is a limitation, it’s on page 183, the last two paragraph.


To Cathy – Because listening anxiety is the most common problems in recent years.


To Ivy – The definition of FLCAS in on my PPT.


To Jessica - Yes, there is a limitation, it’s on page 183, the last two paragraph.


To Sharon – I will conduct a pilot to be more reliability and validity.


To Amber – Self-deprecatory is kind of Expressing disapproval or criticism.


To 俐君 – In my opinion, I think it is one of the results


To Jessie – Yes, the reason why did not chose elementary level it’s on p182, the first paragraph.


To Apple – Yes, I will conduct the pilot study.


To Tim – Maybe not, It’s too hard to ask this kind of question.