Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- 庭欣 Presentation I (04-08-2013)
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Strength :
1-clear and well  PPT design ( methodology part )

2-hightlight the key varibles 
3-handle the Q&A quit OK

Weakness :

1-eye-contact with viewers

2-you looks a little nervous 

3-more confident would be fine
Q : There has 3 Hypotheses in that research, but only 2 research questions
,so would you think there should be add 1 hypotheses ?
Ideas are clearly organized.
:The conclusion is satisfying and relates back to introduction.
: PPT slides NO. 16 AND NO. 15 are well designed. 

: You may want to list some details in method part.
 Gestures and movements are required. 
: Some pronunciation problems.  

 : How do you relate this article to your own research? 
Strength: 1. You highlight the key words on slide 17, 25, 26.
               2. It's good ppt design.
               3. The inroduction is very clear.
Weakness: 1. You should check your pronunciation.
                 2. More eye-contact is better.
                 3. More smile is better.
Question: Could you explain "stakeholder" more detail?
Speaking fluently and clearly.
Good time-controlling.
Good to answer classmates' questions.

Give more eye contacts.
Smile more.

Although you had already explained the stakeholder, I do not understand.
Could you explain it again? Or give a example.
Strength:neat PPT: well-orgnized; simple but concise; clear but powerful. Confidence.
Weakness:pronunciation: society, variety. Neverousness. Hair style: maybe trimming a little bit is better.
Question: Do you agree most of companies in Taiwan starting their business with their family?
Strength: 1. Your ppt on slide 10 is clearly.
                2. Your ppt on slide 5 design well.
                3. Your ppt is neat an clear.
Weakness: 1. If you can more eye contact with audiences would be better.
                   2. You are a little nervous.
                   3. You need to check the pronunciation such as “society”.
Question: Could you give an example about “small acts of kindness” on slide 30?
show the definition of CSR
clear and neat PPT
no eye contact
more practice
Question: Why did you put accountants in slide 14? Does it mean the researchers interviewed only accountants in this study?


1.          It’s good to know that you were trying to explain in your own words.

2.          Smile a lot

3.          Related article to your further research


1.          Wrong pronunciation

2.          Not prepare well and fully confident than your presentation last time.

3.          Image is better way to express instead of words.


Are they the same, small family business and medium family business? If so, please prove with the authors’ views; if not, what will it affect the result?

Strength: You define the key words in your slide No.4.
                Your power point design is very clearly. 
Weakness: You can use more eye contact with audience.
                   You need more smile.
Question: Did the researcher mention the interview process?

1.      S: Your presentation is delivered with a good beginning. Your pronunciation is good. The PPT is well-organized, for example, defining useful terms on slide 4 and providing good visual aids on slide 5. You draw the framework of this paper on slide 10, which is helpful. Time control is also very good.

2.      Stress of some words can be improved, for example, “variable”, “society”, “variety”, “corporate”, and “industry”.

3.     Question: On slide 29, What is the result of statistical analysis that supports H1?

 Strength part: 

(1)The way you present is clear.

(2) You speak clear and fluently.

(3) Your pronunciation is quite good.

Weakness part:

(1) Be confident and don't too be nervous!

(2) You can give us more eye contact.

How long did the author do the interview?

♥ PPT is clear.
♥ Voice is loud enough.
♥ Slide no.22~27 designs well.
You need to practice the pronunciation in advance. (Ex: society, criteria, variety)
What does "self-serving" mean?
1. highlight the points
2. soft PPT design 
3. pronunciation is not bad.

The way you speak should be stronger.

Is it hard for enterprisers to balance between economic and technology, caring about the environment as well, isn't it?

Fluent Speech
Louder enough
neat PPT design

 some intonation and pronunciation should be practiced more
less eye-contact
some gesture would be better

How long does the research take?(one month or one year?)
Good ppt design, such as slide 10, 14.
You give some examples in your ppt, that's good.
It seems you are familiar with your paper.

Wrong pronunciation: society.
Not enough eye-contact.
You can use more gestures to assist your presentation,

In the study, does it had limitation? in your opinion. 
Strength - Spoke quite fluently, PPt designed pretty well in slides 22-28 and handling Q&A quite OK

Weakness - Should have more eye contact, be more confidence and some pronouncing erro

Question - In this paper, the researcher interviewed 42 groups. So how many groups are you going to conduct?

Thank you for your comment and questions.

To Rickie:

Sorry that I don’t understand the question. Do you mean there are two research questions, so it should have four hypotheses?

To 維真:

Some copreneurs expand their social in some places or join the associations that I could further to understand my participants’ social network.

To 佳穎 & 莎賓

In this paper, stakeholders mean that someone manage the money like accounts in a company.


To 桂園姐:

I think there are advantages in family business, such as they could communicate easily.


To 俐君:

It means that the good behavior about charity.


To Patty:

Yes, someone manage the finance in the study.


To 智鐳:

They are different. Because of they have the different standard about capital and number of employees. However, I think the different methods of managing cause the different results.


To 斐喻, Ivy, 倪均:

The authors don’t mention the interview process. The procedure is not clearly.


To 思竹大哥:

According to the paper of p.7 and p.15 that we could find the employees and clients were the economic stakeholders in the family business.


To Debbie:

It means “selfish.”

To 楊浩廷:

I consider that it is proportional to economic and technology. And they are hard to balance with environment.


To 縈禎:

In my opinion, I think the results could different in Taiwan. Because of Taiwanese seldom join the sport clubs.


To 王澤:

I’ve asked my instructor about the problems. She told me about I should interview with six boss’s wives at least.