Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- Jessie's Presentation I (03-18-2013)
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Strength :
1-pronunciation is clear

2-fashion and nice topic

3-very professional PPT design


1-some slide of PPT too many words 


3-more smile would be better 

Q : The topic of mobile shopping sounds interesting,but in your opinion

what kind of attractive factors in this marketing?


 familiar with your PPT
 speak smoothly
 keep eye contact

 it'll be better to show more examples of the questionnaire
 weak voice but sweet :D

Q: Do you think the results in the paper fit in with your future study? Do you expect the same results?

:Main points are clear and organized effectively.
: PPT designed in slide 5 and 6 is pretty creative.
Supporting material is original, logical and relevant.

: A little nervous during your introduction.
: Sometimes using your own words.
: Effective use of eye contact may not be consistent.

Question: Could you explain TPB (theory of planned behavior)  in details?
Strength: confident attitude, well prepared contents, professional dress code
Weakness: a little nervous, more eye contact and smile
Q: Is "age" also an important variable to the research? According to the study, the averaged age is young.


1.        Powerpoint designed excellently

2.        Understanding well with the study

3.        Making audience feel you are a pro


1            A bit stiff

2           Two hypotheses in a slide is better than three.

3           Too calm


Is it possible that the brand of mobile would have an impact in some ways to shopping intention? There are many limitations on Slide 6, so does it worthwhile studying?

Strength: 1. You use own words to explain the ppt.
                2. Your ppt design well and it's professional.
                3. You explain the results clearly on slide 24.
                4. You are so friendly.
Weakness: 1. You are a little nervous.
                   2. If you can more eye contact with audiences would be better.
                   3. If you can more gesture or body language would be better.
Question: Could you explain why mobile shopping service is not stable enough on slide 6?

 Strength part: 

(1) You speak clear and fluently.

(2) Your pronunciation is quite good.

(3) Good time controlling

Weakness part:

(1) Don't be too nervous!

(2) You can give us more eye contact.

Can you explain what are CFA and AVE?

Strength: First, your intonation is soft and clear. Second, you have underlined the key words that we can understand. Third, the procedure introduce very clear.

Weakness: First, you could have more body language with audiences.

Question: Could you explain the websites that you want to collect the online questionnaires?

Strength: 1. She uses own words to explains the definition.
               2. It is good PPT desgin.
               3. She highlines the key words, it is easy to understand.
Weakness: 1. She is a little nervous.
                 2. More eye-contact to everyone is better.
Question: Do you use the mobile shopping service in your research?
1. S: Good pronunciation. Fluent presentation. Well-structured and well-designed PPT with helpful visual aids as on slides 2, 5,6, and 7. In particular, a framework model is used to represent the hypotheses in this paper. Good eye contact with the audience, sweeping around. Good time control.
2. The presentation is good.
3. Question: In Fig. 2, the beta value of Enjoyment to Mobile Shopping Intention is 0.53, which is the greatest one among others. Does it means that Enjoyment is the most important factor to Mobile Shopping Intention?
Fluent speech
Neat PPT design
nice pronunciation

A  little bit nervous
Louder would be better
more confident would be better

What's the limitation in this study?
Good ppt design, such as slide 13.
Good pronunciation.
Clearly ppt.

You can use more postures in your presentation.
You can show the limitation in the ppt.
Your voice is quite OK, but you can do more practice let your voice become more powerful.

Does the research mentioned how much time did he collect the data?
- nice design page 25 in PPT
- presented clearly
- tender voice and nice suit
- speaking fluently

- too nervous
- give more smile for the audience

Q: Could you show the online questionnaire contents for us?
1. Good clothes
2. PPT design is pretty good.
3. soft voice

1. trust yourself
2. firm eyes

Question: In the reflection part, you talked about the "cross-country" in mobile technology adoption, hence would you follow the way to conduct your research?

1. The variable of title page shows clear.
2. The slide no. 19 examines very clear.
3. The icons of your PPT help us to understand. 

1.In literature review this part, you did not examine every variable. 

Online questionnaire-survey has low reliability, do you have any idea to solve this problem?
Strength - Your PPt designed was really neat and clean, showed confidence on the stage and fluently speaking.

Weakness - Your voice was a little bit small, give us some smile would be better

Question - In this paper, there are  six variables, can you give me some examples about what's the " ease to access" and " compatibility" thank you
Strength: The power point's design is very clearly.
               You use your own word to explain your power point.
               You under the key point in your power point at P.10-P.12.
Weakness: Your voice can more loudly.
Question: Why do you choose this topic?
Thank you for your suggestions,

To Rickie:
In my opinion, I think convenience is the most attractive factor for me.
Because mobile shopping allows consumers to shop at any time and in any location.

To Patty:
Yes, because the variables that the study mentioned are applicable to the adoption of mobile shopping service.
But I think the results would be different.

To 維真:
TPB has been used to explain the adoption of m-commerce and to investigate individual information technology adoption. Also, it includes three variables, such as attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control.

To 桂園姊:
Yes, age definitely is one of important variables to m-commerce research. But most research will focus on users of smartphone.

To Radium:
I think the brand of mobile would have an important impact on shopping intention, because most of m-apps are developed to use on iPhone or HTC. Although there are many limitations on m-commerce, m-commerce is ubiquitous in recent years and we need to find out limitations to solve.

To Anne:
On slide 6, I means the environment in which MSS are often used are not stable enough. Because unlike transactions on desktops or laptops at home or in the workplace, a mobile-phone transaction might occur in circumstances that have severe time constraints.

To Ivy:
Just I mentioned that before, I didn't learn about this, so I can't explain more detail about these. I'm sorry.

To Amber:
In future study, I want to distribute the questionnaire on the internet, but I didn't decided what kind of websites I want to do the research yet.

To Jessica:
Yes, I will investigate retailers that combine m-shopping service with shopping websites.

To 思竹大哥:
Although this research didn't specifically indicated that Enjoyment is the most important factor to m-shopping intention, based on the results, I think enjoyment is the most important factor in this study.

To Cathy:
Respondents were self-selected and came from only one geographical area.

To Apple:
No, the researches didn't mentioned how much time did they collect the data.

To 莎賓:
I show the questionnaire format on slide 21, and you can see all of questionnaire contents on the paper, page 457-458.

To Tim:
Yes, I will conduct my research to be a cross-country survey. Because I want to investigate the American brand that combine m-apps with shopping websites.

To Debbie:
Perhaps I will distribute my questionnaire on the websites that Teresa just mentioned.

To Adam:
Ease of Access: It refers the degree to which a customer believes that accessing the internet via a mobile phone will be free of effort in this study.
Compatibility: It refers to the degree to which an innovation is perceived to be consistent with the values, past experiences, and needs of potential adopters.

To Sharon:
Because I'm interested in mobile shopping and I will do the related research.