Research Writing & Publishing II---- Seminar-- Cathy's Presentation I (03-18-2013)
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Strength :

1-hard-working attitude for presentation

2-more deeply discuss about game learning 

3-systematic thinking about PPT design

Weakness :

1-take care about your body before presentation 

2-some slide speak too fast 

Q : If you use this way to be your own future research teaching, what kind

of strategies you would use to catch student's attention ? 

:The delivery is natural and confident 
: The way the presenter shows audience Meth and result is really well.
:  Bonus for PPT designed in slide 13 and 20~25 

: Need more smile.
: Time control. 
: Effective use of gesture may not be consistent. 

Question: Are there any existed factors may affect the result during pretest and post -test?
 speak fluently 
 show confident
 nice suit

 over time 
 wrong title on slide 27
 it'll be better to be more familiar with the method part. 

Q: Who develop the tests in this study? Is it a standard test just like Cambridge English test for young learners?  Is it one of the limitations if the assessments were developed by themselves? 
Strength: a flently speech, professional dress code, excellent PPT
Weakness: intonation of speech, pay attention to the intonation after a "comma". Generally speaking, it should be
                 a rising intonation after a "comma".
Q: It seems this study focuses on listening skills and speaking skills. What's your opinion about the relationship
     between listening and speaking skills and reading and writing skills?


1.        Fluent

2.        Strong atmosphere

3.        Confidence


1.        Incorrect date

2.        List the questions on slides would be better

3.        Wrong topic in slide 13

4.        No smile again


What are the distinctions in step 1 to 3 in procedure? In slide 14, if so, highlighting the differences in slide 21 to 23 would be better.

Strength: 1. Your speaking is fluent.
                2. Your voice is powerful and loud.
                3. Your pronunciation is clear.
                4. You explain what hypotheses supported and unsupported clearly.
                5. You use own words to explain the ppt.
Weakness: 1. Your speaking has a little fast.
                   2. If you can time control would be better.
                   3. If you can more smile would be better.
Question: Could you explain more details about “HELLO server station”? Students can memorize English for a long time?

 Strength part: 

(1) You speak clear, loud and fluently.

(2)Your pronunciation is quite good.

(3) Show the confident! GOOD~


Weakness part:

(1) You can give us more eye contact.

(2) Smile J ! You are a little bit serious.



Does the author do the pilot study?

Strength: First, you speak powerful. Second, you show the results of hypotheses clearly. Third, the PPT is designed clear on slide 20 to 24.

Weakness: First, the time should be controlled. Second, the PPT’s words are covered on slide 5.

Question: Do you think the m-learning and e-learning have the disadvantages for teaching?

Strengh: 1. Her voice is loud enough and fluent.
              2. She feels confidence.
              3. It's good ppt design.
Weakness: 1. More smile is better.
                 2. Time control
                 3. The words are too small on slide 27.
Question: Do you use the HELLO seve station in your research? Why?
1. S: Good pronunciation. Fluent presentation. Well-structured and well-designed PPT with helpful visual aids as on Title slide and slides 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. In particular, the diagram shown on slide8 clearly illustrate experiment design in this paper. Good eye contact with the audience, sweeping around from time to time.
2. Reading through all the hypotheses listed from slides 29 to 34 is a little lengthy. The elapsed time could be made shorter by condensing it into a compact form.
3. Question: In the experiment, is the English proficiency of experiment group and control group equal? How can the author know that both two group have equal (or approximately equal) proficiency before the learning procedure?
-cute dress
-be confidence
-speaking fluently
-explain the contents clearly
-good PPT design (colorful)

-less sweet smile for the audience
-PPT page 27 (words are too small)
-time control should be improved

Q: Why did the author find the participants?

Powerful voice.
Good ppt design, and also clearly, it's very professional.
Your explanation was clearly.

You can have more smile that will be better.
Even though your study was too much, but you still have to take note of time controlled. 
You didn't answer all the questions that listeners asked.

Does the researcher have pilot study?
1. Good clothes
2. PPT design is pretty good.
3. Although you got a cold, you could hold yourself!

1. You are a charming girl, so do not let your smile go!
2. Notice the pronunciation of "satisfaction".

Question: If your student play games in your class and then he or she pretends to say "I'm learning English!". How can you deal with him or her?
1. Slide no.18 examines very detailed.
2.Your voice is loud enough.
3. Slide no.20~24 are good.

1.Research questions did not show on the papers.

There are many hypotheses, does the researcher mention what statistical method he/she use? 
Strength - Really powerful voice, Fluently speaking and familiar with your paper.

Weakness - You DO really have lots of hypothesis, as a result that your presentation was over time, also your smile.

Question - In Keller's ARCs modal, there are many hypothesis in each letters A, R, C, s, so will you conduct this kind of survey? why or why not?
Strength: Your power point present very clearly.
               Your voice is loudly .

Weakness: In slide p.27, your title is wrong.
                   You have to control your time.

Question: In your opinion, why  the researcher do not have pilot study?

Rickie: The strategies is using mobile phone to catch students’ attention, that’s why I want to use this kind of teaching method.


Larua: I think the students’ talent of learning language would affect the result.


Patty: I’ve already rechecked the paper, I am pretty sure that the authors didn’t mention how the test developed, that’s absolutely a limitation of this study.


Betty: The only distinction is their learning materials. Experimental group used PDA phone always and control group used printed materials and audio CDs.


Anne: HELLO sever station is only a system of ubiquitous game. The system provides various games to catch student’s attention and make their learning motivation higher so that they can focus on the learning progress.


Ivy & Apple: No, the authors didn’t mention that they did the pilot study.


Amber: M-learning needs mobile phones, and I don’t think that every student can afford that to be their learning materials. E-learning focus on computer operating, I’m afraid that students’ handwriting skill would get worse.


Jessica: I can not be sure, I want to search more popular and standard station to choose what I really want to do!


Scott & Sabrina: I’m sorry that the authors didn’t focus on participants’ part, the authors didn’t mention about participants in detail L


Tim: The phone would be locked that students can only play games I apply, and they have to do a test after each class.


Debbie: The statistical method authors used is one-way ANOVA.


Adam: I’m still thinking about it, because I just want to do the pre-test and post-test.


Sharon: Responses to all questions were on a five point Likert-scale, from 5 for “strongly agree” to 1 for “strongly disagree.” The Cronbach's alpha for each sub-scale was 0.86, 0.87, 0.86, and 0.90, respectively, and for the survey was 0.91. These alpha coefficients exceeded 0.85, which confirmed the internal consistency of the survey.